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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Dark · #2212966
A companion poem to 'Your Voodoo Spell' that was written for Dark Dreamscapes.
Pin Wielder
What a fool I made of you!
Romance, love -
they're just words, you know.
Words that anyone can say
to trick and to twist
and maintain such a
powerful grip
while all the time the one thing that is in their head is...
So naive, so innocent,
I almost felt a twinge of guilt
as I strode in
and lied my way into your heart.
It was really so easy
to reach right on in
and rip it out -
tear it apart.
"I love you," I'd say and maybe I'd mean it in some twisted way.
Better not to look too deep,
to search to hard,
for those lies of mine were never made
to withstand close scrutiny.
A pin in your eye and the real me
you will not be able to know,
to see.
Be aware that it is going to hurt;
this transformation
you'll go through as I wield the needles,
stab the pins,
crush you and break you until nothing is left
but an entirely malleable
bit of a mess.
Only then will you be able to truly play the part
and possibly even
win over my heart -
when you do what I say
and you think as I do,
but of course there'll be nothing remaining of you.
A doll full of pins
will put pay to even the slightest defiance -
will guarantee compliance
as you become a subservient extension of me.
You, a slave,
to the masterful one -
who you'll never escape, not now it's begun;
this romance of shadow and love born of pain
where you'll offer your heart up
again and again
until nothing of it does remain.

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