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Flash Fiction 299 Words
Martha stared at the card on her desk. For the past year, every Friday a card propped on her keyboard. The first card, she blushed, wondering what had gotten into Brad. Later that day, she returned from lunch - a dozen roses decorated her desk. After ten years of marriage, Brad remembered Valentine's Day. On the drive home, she glanced at the roses and imagined her evening with Brad.

When Brad got home, Martha rushed to him, thanking him for the card and flowers. He opened the card, eyed the roses, threw a fit, and accused of her being unfaithful.

The cards continued to come, Martha lied to her husband until she figured out - office snitch. Every Friday she tossed the card into the trash only to find it in Brad's hand the next week. Furious, he threatened to divorce her if she didn't stop the affair.

Brad sat at his desk, staring at the Meyers Report. He opened the folder, loosened his tie, wringing the knot and wondered how Martha could do this. This man had took what was his - her dimpled smile, her blue eyes and her secret heart tattoo. He tossed the report, picked up the phone and called "Stearns Investigation Services."

"Hello, Stearns private eye, can I help you?"

"Yes, this is Brad Benson, I need your services."

Lisa lounged on the couch thumbing through her cards. Organized by the season and special days, she looked for the perfect one. This year "Lover's Awareness Day" fell on a Friday. . .what luck! She opened the ink pads and dumped the rubber stamps, "Hot Stuff," " Romeo," "Lover Boy," so many to choose from. She chose "Sex Machine," red ink, and stamped the card. She smiled, Brad would finally be hers. . with just a few more cards and roses.

299 Words
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