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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2213008
Verbal Vomit II
Let me dust myself off again.
With this pen in hand, I descend

As the time bends, I pretend,
that every crevice carved into my skin
is nothing more than just a lesson.

Life teaches you the rough ones.
when tough skin only comes
from fried Vienna sausages again

If I'm lucky, some white rice..
and egg on top
add ketchup and pepper for spice.

Grumbling with this hunger
so your words don't hurt,
but the scabs on my
hands and knees do.

So like Scooby, watch me do
Whatever I must to find THE clue
Stomach stuck shut into itself
like its held with rodent glue

My souls emaciated
train of thought delayed
I Probably won't make it.

My body shivers in anxiety
I've been here before,
Why can't I shake it?
But I know I'll make it

Through thick or thin,
I'll find ways to fit in.
Start from zero,
commit no sin.

I must ramp up whatever is left within
No longer wait,
no one to lean on,
or depend on a friend.

Its my time to shine
on your dime
Maybe this time ,
Karma will stop running and marry me.

Cuz Im a coward you see,
Im a runner,
I run away from good or bad
It doesn't matter to me.

Bodies scattered
under the pitter patter of my baby feet
From states , to countries
Alleys and darkened streets

Dishonorably discharged from this desert storm...
disturbed and torn
Undiagnosed trauma impeding
But I've sworn no more!

I'll leave the world scorched
everything in my path torched
because I'm scorn.
New genre, "disaster born".

Like moth to the flame
I'm always drawn
needing the bleeding to stop
but every decision I've made
just continued to saw in

Sprawled out on the floor
I start yawning...
Endless slumber
My last hurt is no more
but neither am I
down the river of depression I start floating
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