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Joey's secret
Joey sat alone in the office break room, trying, not very successfully, to get his nerves under control when Melanie walked in.

"Hi, Melanie. Well, I've got to get back to work," Joe mumbled, getting up to leave.

"Sit down, Joey. We need to talk."

Joey sat and Melanie sat across the table from him looking intently at him. Joey looked down at the table, but Melanie gently pulled his chin up.

"Joey, we've known each other for nearly five years now and I always thought we got along pretty well, but something is definitely wrong. For the past week or so, you seem so nervous. You don't make eye contact. You don't talk to me, and like just now, you leave when I come into a room. What is going on, Joey?"

"Nothing. It's really nothing. Everything is fine."

"No, Joey. It's not fine at all. Now tell me what's going on! Are you hiding something from me? Yes, that has to be it. There's something you don't want me to find out about. I've seen you talking to Scott. Is he going to fire me? I need this job. How could you keep something like that from me, Joey?

"Whoa, hold on, Melanie. You've got it all wrong! You're not getting fired. In fact, you're getting promoted. Oh boy, now I've done it. I was supposed to keep that a secret. Scott's going to make the announcement tomorrow and then we're having a big surprise party for you to celebrate your promotion. We always talk about everything and I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to keep my big mouth shut that I tried to avoid you."

The look on Melanie's face had turned from anger to relief and now joy. "Thank you, Joey. You're the best!"


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