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An eternity of being an ice cube
In the year 2026 I died and, as my will stipulated, my body was frozen in nearly the instant of death and crammed into a vault with dozens of others in the interior of a granite mountain somewhere in the northeast. I seriously wanted to be revived at a some time in the future when a cure or remedy had been found for whatever killed me. It was some debilitating disease that overtook my body in only three weeks, leaving much of my physical organs and tissues intact, a disease of the brain that fiddled with the control of my heart. As the doctors had predicted, there was little damage done, only a snap of the wires--as it were--a loss of connection, not so much as even a blown fuse; more like a circuit breaker that can be easily reset over and over.

In this way, I hoped to escape the consequences of global warming, of wars, of pestilence, of escalating murder rates in the Chicago area where I lived all my life. Frozen and encapsulated forever, if need be, nearly forgotten by society and government, tended only by a dedicated team of renewable scientists in an obscure, sparsely populated region of the USA.

Global warming did, indeed, increase and took its toll, reducing farmland and urban settlement to virtual skeletons. Economies shrank and mob wars overtook what was left of the wealth of the entire globe. Yet, the team of scientists remained at their station, adjusting the apparatus that kept us in limbo, an ingenious invention using magnetic fields built out of the purest alloys of gold and copper that operated without interference or decay, losing only micro-minute levels of energy over months of discernible measurement. It was like the Sun: a ball of fire that consumed unimaginable amounts of hydrogen, that had gone on and on for billions of years without degradation--a semblance of perpetuity!

And so we few existed another fifty years while civilization crumbled around us and continents became fused from heat and human apathy. The able and loyal scientists themselves dwindled to a handful and then to nothing. But we in our icy state continued on under the motherhood of physics and electromagnetism, unaware of the state of our surroundings, our Earth.
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