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crazy rants of my mind
I am spirit, I am a soul. I am not this body I control. Solid gold within me. An energy, I am complete. The light I shine, the darkness is mine, as I drift across this world so wide. I find myself in the crushing tides. The sands of illumination is the skin of my creation. I solidify the essence I bare. I accumulate in the magic I share.
A gift that's not so rare, tis a gift so easily bared. It's within the one we so desperately hide. The one within we so desperately search for, we do find. Without the confinements of the guilt we feel, w forgiveness and self love we do eventually heal. The time for conviction is at hand, tis the time to make our final stand. In this plane, the local charade, fulfilling the predestined contracts we made. The experiences we so eagerly create becomes our destiny ending our fate. What are the thoughts that you feed? What is in the illusion that you seek? What is it your hoping to find? Ah, the easiness, the presence of mind. So easy there, so easy to be kind. Offering to others the you inside. Is the healing of others you cross in your timeline. The sharing of love is the sharing of light. So easy to share the burden, the plight. The sharing of your love for the light, this is a beautiful sight as you ease another's' troublesome flight. Under the frequency of sound, over the airwaves of the earthly bound. Comes the crumbling down the walls of bereavement, comes the fluency of fulfilled achievement. Never a loss, forever the gain, and you will become you over and over again.
Believe in the love you send, believe in the light you bring. . . forth in the new dawn. The illumination that all is one. The waves on the beach I am. Crushing upon the beached sands. As I crash and wave goodbye, again I am a drop in the sea that created my life. You too are me and I am you. Nothing so beautiful as the living truth. Nothing exists but unity. Nothing exists, not you, not me. All that exists is unity. This we will all know once we are free from the deep raging sea of our antiquity of disbelief.
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