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Being a moderate, I voted for Steve Buttigieg. He is the best of both worlds in politics
I want to say first off--'get Buttifieg on the election 2020 ballot'. He is young and full of energy to get the job done right. We need some young blood to hold up the old while attracting the youngest voters. I don't see him as one taking a nap on the job or consuming prune juice yet. As one turning 65 years old soon I seek newer leadership in office. It has to replace old responses with a new set of norms. A newer vision and direction for our country and our surrounding neighbors alike.

I have senior housing issues myself. It seems that right off I have to pretend that I'm rich to pay for my housing costs. I'm just middle class like most and find it difficult without affordable housing. I'm getting too old for stairs anymore and seek senior and handicap complex artment living. But, it is for lower income qualifications to be met and not for me. Out of several senior living lower class apartment buildings around my town, there is just one that will except higher income levels to qualify. And, it is completely on the other side of town where I don't want to move to. Hence, I only have that one place to move to as an option. It is my wish that senior living quarters except and qualify person of greater incomes. I'm just too old to take care of a one story house with all the responsibilities and costs associated with it. I have to rent.

As a disabled senior now, I still drive my own vehicle at 65 years old almost. It is only a matter of time when I will need public transportation or rides to appointments or for shopping. As my generation has the largest senior population now outnumbering any others. The military I was in had medical clinics within the senior living structures for easy access for the former military residents. There was also a large buffet room for diners within the facility for food service. We need affordable living for us aging seniors who can't take care of household responsibilities.

And lastly, who needs automatic guns for civilian use? We should restrict its use entirely. Guns should be used for protection and sport and not mass shootings of automatic arms. The assault guns should be for police force or military purposes as homeland security for example. This is my position on gun control. It is a measure that should be on the ballot when voting as a major issue not swept under the rug.
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