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by Paul
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“She doesn’t like feeling like a wife.”

         “ There you are! Where we’re you last night! I thought you were hurt when you didn’t show up by midnight.”
         “AAARRRRR! I don’t need to check in, we’re not married!
         “No, we’re not. And we’re not likely to EVER marry!”
         “Impossible! No other female would have anything to do with you. I’m not sure why I even allow you in my pack! EERRRRR! They couldn’t stand your smell, I've had to smell you since you found me and I’m used to it. The cabin smelled of ruined meat so I left.
         “I wish you’d just tell me! I don’t care, but I worry about you.”
         “There! You did it again! We‘re not married! We hang out together and you have habits that annoy me.
         “As do you! You smell bad when your wet and you scratch all the time.”
         “You would too if you had all this fur. The odor is wet hair and fleas get thick at times.
         “I’ll get some of that powder next trip to town. We’ve been together since I found you, six years now.The hunters missed you, only you survived. I don’t want to lose you, you’re my friend.”
         “You’re mine as well. I’ll try to remember to say something next time. It’s not easy having a human as a pack mate, but I do like it. We do well together.
         “A grey wolf as a partner isn’t easy either, but we do do well together. I’m still amazed that we can talk together.”
         “We read each other’s minds, we don’t talk. I don’t know why, but it works for us.
         “ It just happened, but you’ve kept me sane, I need a partner and I’ve never found a human one. I do love you, Ki.”
         “And I love you, Ian. You are my partner. Let’s eat!
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