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by Intuey
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Happy days in February. Part of an auction package from Eyestar
*Inlove* Thank you so much, eyestar~Happy 13th POWER crew!! These are absolutely lovely! *Heartv* I'm touched by your kind words and how much you picked up on the person who I strive to be! though, I do exceed these expectations *Rolling* (I truly was going to write the opposite but you know, speak things into being .... and all that *Whistle* *Laugh*)

Truly, these are absolutely amazing! I'm so honored! Thank you *Hug1**hug**Hug2* *Heartv*

for activity

*Delight* Acrostic for Intuey

Inuitive, intelligent, Inspirational
Nurturing natural wholeness of soul *Angelic*
Talented creative artisan of
Unique expressions
Enlightening the world with positive energy emanations *Angel* *Fire*
Yielding Peace, joy and love for all.



*Heart**Shamrock* Limerick

There was a girl named Intuey
who to all chaos said Fooey!
For a world of peace
she prayed on her knees
before the world went kablooey. *Smile*

*Balloonp*Happy days!*Delight*

Many Happy Birthday wishes!*Wand*

On the day of your birth
a bright light came to earth. *Star*
Angels filled with mirth
whispered songs of your worth! *Heart*

Their melodies did flow *Music2*
to your heart so you'd know
that where ever you'd go
you'd never be go solo. *Angel*

All the best on this next tour round the Sun! *Sun*

*Cakeb* *Balloony*

Happy Anniversary Intuey!
17 is a milestone at WDC! *Salute*
For all you do here and all you be
May gratitude and love fill you with glee
From friends new and old along the journey. *Heartv*

To Intuey with love from eyestar
thanks for your generosity in our "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group fundraiser!
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