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Must I follow rules?
you don't have to set it
you don't have to ask
you needn't have to get it
you needn't have to bask

it just goes
like this
and the people are falling all around
and they're dying and they're yelling
and only pale men will hear their prayer
and they will come to reap them all
and I will come to leave them all
do I have to rhyme it
does it have to sound good
does it
what about the lines

what if I do this

is it better
do you like me
do you fall
should I use a metaphor of sorts?
maybe write in 1337 to g37 7h3 4773n710n
of the masses?

I grow tired
I'm not old
my train of thought

Will it ever be forgot?

must I follow rules
is this all a game that I'm not getting
is it the Truman show
is it my life
are there people somewhere playing dice?

look at this
it's so modern
he's addressing himself
from our point of thought

how many words can one screen hold
how many are here now

do you see the world the way I do
or do you think you do
or do you know you don't

sometimes the right thing to do
isn't the right thing for you

I grow tired
I grow old
my eyes are weary
and I'm cold

I've derailed
save my thought
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