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Contest entry about a female alien that can’t meet anyone to love her.

         Once upon a time, there was an alien that had reasons why she couldn’t meet up with anyone she wanted to deal with face to face. First of all, she was an alien. Secondly, she couldn’t just hide this because she had two heads. Thirdly, she had three legs. The fourth reason was that she could never get rid of her bad breath. And finally, she could only breathe in carbon dioxide, not oxygen so she always had to wear a spacesuit with a helmet on.

         How did she deal with this? She could only write to people on the internet. She was unhappy. How could she ever find her true love like this? She went to some men in black for help at their headquarters. They gave her surgery. They removed one of her heads, gave her human lungs, removed one of her legs and had a dentist work on her bad breath. This made her more human which helped.

         After the female aliens surgery, she met another male alien just like her. He too had trouble meeting people. He too had surgery. They had surgery again to go back to being the way they were and went back to their own planet. Now they had no more excuses to not be able to meet any other being anymore and they both lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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