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"Love has no labels,no definition. It is what it is, pure and simple."
"Love has no labels,no definition. It is what it is, pure and simple. Love is water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire! The universe turns differently when fire loves water"

Have you ever been in love , how does that feels . Is it a good feeling or bad , may be something between I guess . We all have been in love at some stage of our lives (actually at all stages). Don't take me wrong , but the kind of love I am writing is not about just merely for human interaction or some emotional phase of life. It's about the spiritual connection of souls . When you don't need words to describe your pain and suffering, still your soul mate knows all. For despite for some people say, love is not a sweet feeling bound to come and quickly go away. It's immortal . When you are in love you not only care and respect about your soul mate but also the things he/she love . You see no shame in it nor you feel disgusting , rather feel proud and most importantly satisfied as your reason for coming to earth has fulfilled .

Forty rules of love is about the long journey of two different people of different ages , towards the love. One walked miles to meet his soul mate and then after few years he left his soul to freely wander as known to all his wishes have come true (the only dream he had his entire life ). The other faced the same , the departure . The only difference is that here she is not the one who leaves.

One faced all the challenges to meet his Friend ( His Soul Mate). What he only Preached was love , he preached all to love and love all. Where ever he will go he will love beyond limits and discrimination . He was a dervish , a Sufi . He was given the gift to see within the soul .The other woman from the 20th century was a house wife before and later worked as an assistant , giving review on a book which some how relates her life . She also find his soul mate as the book continues while filliping through the pages . She was fed up of the robotic life she was having before, believed
that now love is impossible for her as she had turned 40.

The truth is, no one knows when the life hits and what most of the people thinks as impossible becomes possible for some of us . Miracles do happen! Love changes us . It's not like modifying a part of our soul but the stage of rebirth . When we look at the mirror and the persons reflection we see is entirely different . The sound and words coming out from our mouth feels new. When the world seems nicer and beautiful, but at the same time unattractive . The worldly wishes once had vanished into the air . The air you breath in feels new . The dark blue sky is now more full of stars . The fragrance coming from the flowers has changed .

The thing to notice is that love has no form and shape . It's not bound in gender or what people will say . It's about being love and love. Also it's not a slave of human made rules and regulations . We may love the nature,the flowers and the sky . Any thing we feels connected to. It's all about how one feels . Some has close relation with their God . They feel a connection between them , that movement the whole world becomes their listener , all the people and nature seems one to them , Love. He loves all of them without any boundaries and worries . Love is about caring and respecting . Your Best friend may be your soul mate but it does not mean you two have some kind dusty relation . Still people may gossip (may be they are jealous as what you have found they still don't have yet) but does it matters , No . Because what important is to have a healthy conscious , when your inner is in peace . So, love nature and the souls around you without any guilty conscious . Be kind and nice , let your soul free because It's forty rules of love.

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