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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2213235
Harold who’s blind discovers something important.

“Well, I wonder how my earthworm farm is doing today,” said Harold to himself who’s blind.

         Harold accidentally drops his pizza crust and other trash in the soil of his earthworm farm. He struggles trying to find it but then decides to just leave it there. He’s sure it won’t bother them too much.

“Well, I have an idea. I wonder what the earthworms will do with that trash? Only time will tell,” said Harold curiously.

         Harold left his pizza crust and other trash in the soil of the earthworm farm over night. When he came back to search for it, he noticed that it still wasn’t able to be found. He asked his friend Ron, who can see to come over to help him find it. Ron couldn’t find or see anything and only noticed that the earthworms left nitrogen behind.

“You got to be kidding me! They ate my trash? I can hardly believe this! We discovered a way to eliminate trash without harming the environment!” said Harold excitedly.

“This is wonderful, we should share this with the news.” said Ron.

“I am,” said Harold.

“This is the channel 10 news daily report. We now have a way to eliminate all trash without harming the environment. Harold runs an earthworm farm and he discovered that they can eat any form of trash or waste without leaving anything harmful behind,” said channel 10 news.

“Yes. I accidentally lost my trash in my earthworm farm and my friend the next day only saw that they left nitrogen behind and ate all of my trash,” said Harold to the news reporters.

“We will now have an earthworm farm all around America at every landfill. Our waste problem is now solved! Now one of the major world’s pollution problem is a thing of the past,” said the channel 10 news.

         Harold and Ron helped teach people how to run the earthworm farms. The world really got cleaned up rapidly and Harold and Ron had millions of people helping them run the earthworm farms. This story was based on a true story that I once heard on TV once a few decades ago. I wonder what ever became of the blind mans earthworm farm? Can you imagine a real find like this as being made possible? What a spectacular fine this would be!

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