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by Renee
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My Grandma dying.
It has been eight years since my grandma had pass away. And she had died August in a nursing home. I felt so bad, that we couldn't bring her home to our house, so we could take care of her. She need a lot of care at the time of her death, because she didn't walk at the time, she couldn't get out of bed, without getting some type of help from the nurses at the nursing home. I would go to see my grandma after work to visit with her at the nursing home, I could see that she didn't want to be there, because my grandma was use to driving and going places on her own and taking care of herself and my uncle, who lives with her. And, now my grandma has to rely on nurses and other people to help her. As, I continue visit my grandma in nursing home, she starts to get weaker and weaker. She picks up infection in her leg, which had brought her there in the first place. After a couple a days in my of August about the middle of August, it was a Tuesday morning, I went down to see my grandma in nursing room, when I walked into her room, with the food that she had asked, she didn't look right in the face for some reason, so I stepped out of her room and went out to the nurse's station to talk to nurse. And she told me that my grandma is drying and it is a matter of time. I didn't want to believe her, but there was something going on, with grandma, because she was different. So, I walked back into her room, so told me that she couldn't use her hands to eat her food, could I feed her, and she told that she loved me and to take care of myself and everyone. She off to sleep, and her nurse came in told me to just go home, they call use if any thing happens, with her. I went home on bus, thinking about my grandma. She died that next, which was Wednesday morning. I was sitting in my room, when my mother open the door, and told me that my grandma died. The tears came down my eyes, as I could see her laying there in that bed, and I know she is not in pain anymore. I remember I the good times we had me and my grandma, I would go to her house and she would cook my favorite meal. She would take me on trips with her church and I would go to church with sometimes. We would read all types books and exchange them. She to read books like I do and do word puzzles. She was the best grandma I ever had. You could go to her house and find candy in candy dish on coffee-table. She died at the age of ninety year-old and she love the LORD.
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