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It's Lornda's 13th Anniversary on WdC.!
There once was a Raider named Lornda,
who's writings oft brought on euphoria.
She'd make us all laugh,
'til you'd think we were daft.
You'd have thought she said abracadabra

Parpy the Clown loved to read!
His job was to help plant the seed!
So once every year,
in classrooms quite near.
He'd appear to help kids take heed!

AHEM! A bit of explanation. PARP or Parents As Reading Partners is an annual event in our schools. For two weeks elementary students, and their parents are encouraged to read together. In the hopes of building good habits, that continue forward. For several years the theme for the event was a "Reading Circus"...hence the need for Parpy the Clown, who made multiple appearances throughout the event.

I thought you might find the picture amusing! And I hope you are having a great Anniversary!!

P.S. I have no idea who that clown is...! *Rolling*
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