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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2213270
A genetically engineered wolf finds love and trouble in the nightclub Afterlife on Omega.
The environment of Omega was a lawless one; with nefarious urchins inhabiting the streets looking for victims to rob and next to no law and order to speak of. The only figure of authority was that of Aria, the asari woman who for all intents and purposes ran Omega. It was seemingly any ordinary day in her club, Afterlife, when one very disgruntled customer walked her way in. She was an anthro wolf bounty hunter who had just gotten back from one hell of a mission. Seeing the familiar face walking in with her armor covered in blood and her signature assault rifle blood spattered, Aria wore an amused smirk and showed her way to the floor.

Her bodyguards stepped into appropriate positions while the asari greeted her guest. “Ortega. You look like shit. Did a hit go south?”

“You could say that…He had tripled the krogans that my informant said they would have. So y’know, I need a new informant for the Citadel cluster on account of my old one spontaneously combusting near my flamethrower.”

“I’ll keep my eyes and ears peeled for any that come up for you. But you look like you could use a private party.”

“Aria please, the last one turned out to be an assassin I had to knock unconscious and turn in for a bounty.”

“That was one time because the person I used to have screen these girls neglected to run the proper checks. Naturally she’s rotting away somewhere away from me so we don’t have to worry about that crap again. Now I interview them all personally before letting them set foot on my dance floor.”

“…Fine. I take it you got a new girl that’d interest me?”

“One could say that. She’s left every client she’s had in a state of pure bliss. Think we even had one end up in the hospital ward because of how good they had it.”

“Intriguing. Well I’ll go and see her then…After downing this Krogan ale.”

“I don’t know how you’re still alive after drinking so much of that stuff. It’s supposed to turn Earthling’s stomachs to ash.”

“Yeah well I ain’t exactly made on Earth.” She said with a small growl before she downed her shot of ale, letting out a small grunt and coughed up a small ball of flame.

“Right, right…You’re based on those Earth creatures the wolf, but you were made using their DNA by the Salarians. My mistake. You and I really should hang out together sometime.”

“I’ll think about it.” She said and glanced to Aria, a mix of anger and embarrassment. “Last time wasn’t so fun.”

“I thought it was magical.”


“Oh stop being so dramatic, Ortega. I merely tried to influence your brain to make you my humble servant. Would that be so bad, my little, murderous pup?” Aria cooed and scratched under Ortega’s chin, causing the wolfess to blush and turn away.

“J-just give me her name and go back to your private booth fat ass…”

“So you WERE staring? Very well.” Aria chuckled, enjoying toying with her regular customer as she got up from the bar. “Her name’s Noveyla. She’s downstairs in the luxurious private room. I’ll send ahead for you and let the guards know you’re coming. In fact I’ll cover your charges. Go nuts, have fun, whatever your heart desires.”

“What’s with all the kindness suddenly, Aria? That’s not your style at all.”

“Well consider it a favor. I might have someone I want captured or dead at some point and I’ll give you a call.” Aria tells her with a smirk.

“If that’s the case you’d better hope this is the greatest night of my life.”

“I can guarantee it.” Aria says with a smirk.

Ortega made her way towards the private rooms of beneath the bar. She got an alert on her visor, keying it up as the room number and a path towards it showed up. The wolf followed the predetermined path and knocked on the door to the room. “Come in!” Ortega did as she was told, entering the room with her weapon at the ready. “EEK!”

The asari inside was red violet in color, with her hair-like tendrils being longer than the average asari and curled down to form a haircut similar to that of a bob cut. She looked relatively young, though with asari it was always hard to get their exact age down since they could live for more than a millennia; but Ortega figured she had to be at least a century old but no more than three. She was also a little on the chubby side with a noticeable muffin top, a chest that put fake ones to shame, and an ass that while being toned also had a lot of fat on it and could easily swallow Ortega’s head whole.

The wolf made a quick sweep of the room with her rifle, making sure no hidden surprises were going to jump out at her and ruin her good time. Confident there was nothing there she set her rifle down by the bed and the asari paled at the sight of it. “You got a weak stomach or something?”

“Is…i-is that real blood or fake?...”

“It’s real. Mostly krogan, bit of human mixed in and a turian as well. Not important.” She says as she takes out a rag and wipes it down before chucking it in a bin. “So Noveyla is it?” Ortega asks, getting a nod. “Interesting name. How’d you wind up on a hell hole like this?”

“I came her willingly believe it or not.” Noveyla says with a small smile, calming down after the gun and blood scare. “I love seeing and meeting new people and I’m always eager for adventure. This place is an adventure every day. It’s fun!”

“Hmph, well you and I have a very similar definition of fun. Maybe you’d like to tag along on a mission sometime?”

“A mission? Are you a spectre?”

“HA! Like they’d let me in with the shit I pull. No I’m a bounty hunter and at times a hired gun if the price is right. I hunt down dangerous criminals all the time.”

“Whoa! That sounds awesome! I’d totally be on-board with that!...Though just a heads up, if I were to get hurt under your supervision Aria would have your ass for it.”

“I pretty much figure that…Not to degrade you or anything but she considers you her property and if I damage her property then I get in trouble.” Ortega says with a laugh. “Should’ve seen her when I broke one of the bar counters arm wrestling a krogan. HAHAHA! Man she was pissed! Threw me around the room and broke so many of my bones I couldn’t move for days.”

Noveyla gulps a little at that and smiles nervously. “W-wow. You enjoy that sorta thing?”

“No it hurt like hell. But it was a rush of excitement, a thrill ride like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and makes for one hell of a story. It’s why I pop into Omega so frequently. Aria’s loads of fun and always has things to entertain me with. Plus she gives me jobs from time to time and she pays very well.”

“Hehe, I know about that last part very well. This gig is great.” Noveyla says, but then notices a change in Ortega as she shakes her head rapidly and looked woozy. “Oh dear, you’re drunk aren’t you?”

“What? No I’m not…I just had a couple shots of some krogan ale is all. Nothing I can’t handle.” Ortega says as she starts to get angry and draws her pistol, aiming far to the right of the asari. “Now shut yer mouth ‘fore I shut it fer ya…Hey…how’d you get over there so fast?”

Noveyla sighs and shakes her head. “I feel like we shouldn’t do this. My powers will affect you tenfold with an intoxicated mind.”

Ortega, not taking too kindly to this, growls and tosses her pistol aside and folds her arms in a huff. “You’re talking to one of the bestest bounty hunters in the universe. Now stop bein’ such a damn pansy and let’s do this.” She says as she takes her armor off, then her body suit underneath, now stripped down to her underwear that had the renegade symbol on her ass and an anti-C-Sec symbol on her right breast.

“Not a fan of the Citadel huh?”

“No! Some stupid wolf lives there that always gets in my way and arrests me and taunts me with how cute her butt is…”

Noveyla giggles at the last part, choosing to overlook it given Ortega’s drunken state as she gently lays her down on the bed and crawls on top of the wolf like a predator, poised over her and smiling in a mix of sweetness and devilishness. “Very well then. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now just lay back and let me do all the work, Ms. Fierce bounty hunter.”

“Hey, hey, hey! That’s MRS. Bounty hunter to you!” Ortega shouts.

“You’re married?”

“Who said I was married? Is that bitch Trill spreading lies about me again I’ll shove her up my ass the next time I see her!”

“Oh you poor, drunken pup. Let mommy take care of you. Now…embrace eternity.” Noveyla placed her hand on Ortega’s head and suddenly her eyes turned pure black. Noveyla now had her mind linked to Ortega, and she was about to put on a show for her she wouldn’t soon forget.

Ortega was unimpressed at first, not really feeling anything as Noveyla sat up on top of her and sat on her belly. However something weird began to happen. Suddenly Noveyla began to balloon outward, growing in size and putting on a LOT of weight. Ortega couldn’t tell if this was all in her head or reality. In truth it was both.

Noveyla specialized in a very particular kind of mind manipulation. She could work the brain into feeling whatever she wanted it to. She could trick it into thinking the person was on fire, believe they were drowning underwater, or in this case, that they were about to be smothered under a literal ton of asari fat.

Ortega tried to push her off, but that wasn’t going to happen, as Noveyla moved forward and buried her under her now enormous belly. The asari moaned in bliss, feeling her soft fur against her bare skin and relishing the wonderful sensation as she began to bounce up and down on top of Ortega. The wolfess felt her massive frame bouncing and jiggling over her much smaller form, unable to mount much of an offense or defense against such a barrage. Instead she just lay there and take it, a primal urge somewhere in her telling her that this was what heaven was like.

It was a side of her she didn’t like to talk about, reference, or even acknowledge. Somewhere in her genetic code was a natural desire for submission and abuse; to allow a bigger, stronger person to overtake her and make her obey their whim. She couldn’t always suppress this, and mostly would just use her bravado and mean streak to try and hide it. No one knew about this side to her outside of herself and Aria. But now she figured Noveyla probably was able to sense it out somewhere inside of her.

Indeed she did. Noveyla smiled and gave a big bounce, managing to turn around in mid-air and land with a hard butt slam as now the vast canyon of her ass crack was poised in front of Ortega. “You like being my chair don’t you, puppy? I bet you want to spend every day for the rest of your life under my ass don’t you? You know you love the sound of being my chair every day like the piece of furry furniture you are. I wonder if my puppy would enjoy becoming my personal toilet as well.” Noveyla talked dirty to Ortega, playing on her genetic urges, and it showed.

Ortega’s tail was wagging a mile a minute, her face bright red now and warming the giant butt on top of her, and her nether regions were getting moist. “Y-yes mistress…” She whimpered out pathetically, sounding less like an unstoppable bounty hunter badass and more like a submissive pet.

“You’re such a good girl. Who’s a good girl? You are!” Noveyla cooed, leaning back and smothering Ortega hard. She pressed her weight back, feeling Ortega kick and squirm and claw at her immense bulk as the rush drove her mad with power. She composed herself however, and released Ortega from the butt fat prison she’d been made to endure.

Ortega let out a large gasp before she panted heavily, nearly having passed out at the hands, or butt, of her asari Mistress. Noveyla smirked, pouring on the dirty talk once more. “I bet you wanted me to stay didn’t you? The real reason you fight so hard on the battlefield isn’t for the money or the rush of adrenaline. It’s because you don’t want to die on some lousy battlefield. No you want to die at the butt of a sexy girl like me. The life smothered out of you as you’re used for nothing more than a chair for my divine ass. I’m surprised you haven’t just stuffed your whole head in there and done it yourself by now. You’re such a little butt slut. Why don’t you kiss my ass some, bitch? Otherwise I might get up and never sit on you again.”

That seemed to work, as Ortega in her vulnerable state was a feral beast at this point. Whether it was the naughty talk, the invasion of her mind, or something else entirely, she seemed to be acting on pure wolf instincts at this point and not thinking at all. She kissed and licked furiously at Noveyla’s ass, as if it were her last meal. This drove the asari wild as she moaned in ecstasy, bouncing and grinding her giant ass over Ortega. “Oh goddess that’s the stuff.”

Noveyla, not one to just take and not give, reached down and began to stroke and prod at Ortega’s panties, getting her hot and bothered as the wolf let out a needy yip and squirmed beneath her. Taking that as her cue to go further, she slid Ortega’s panties down and got right to her core, as the wolf immediately howled and pounded her foot furiously. She was in a sensory overload at this point, something that Noveyla was getting a bit concerned about. She just wanted to have some fun with the wolf she didn’t want to hurt her or damage her brain in any way. She tried to back it down, but it was a wheel that had already been knocked down a hill. This wasn’t just something she could stop on a moment’s notice.

Ortega continued to kiss and worship the wonderful ass on top of her, loving every nanosecond of her experience with Noveyla, and the attention being given to her nethers was just the sweet cherry on top. She could feel Noveyla grinding on top of her, driving her mad as the weight seemed to increase with each passing moment, until finally the wolf let out a massive, pleasure-filled howl and blew her payload.

Suddenly Ortega snapped back to reality as Noveyla panted slightly, her eyes back to normal as she was sitting on the wolf’s face, but her body hadn’t changed in the slightest. She wasn’t the obese mistress that Ortega had seen before, but now was just her cute, chubby ordinary self. Ortega swore what she saw was real. It was real…wasn’t it?

Noveyla got up and off of the wolfess, smiling nervously and rubbing the back of her head. “My apologies if I stepped over any boundaries there. I merely scanned your thoughts to find what would be the biggest turn on for you and-MMPH!” The asari suddenly found herself yanked down back on top of Ortega and lip locked in a passionate kiss. Stunned and with no way she could resist, Noveyla just went with it, leaning into and embracing the kiss while one of her hands gently stroked through Ortega’s blood red hair.

It wasn’t for a few minutes until the kiss was finally broken, Ortega panting heavily as she looked up at Noveyla with a mix of passion and longing. “Marry me.”

“Excuse me?!” Noveyla shouted, blushing crimson red at this point. Her response wasn’t one of rejection, more confusion and startle after such a sudden and up front proposal. “A-are you serious?”

“Yes. You don’t understand, I’ve been over countless star systems. I’ve been in battles, gunfights, fist fights, life and death struggles. But none of that, and I mean NONE of it, compares to the rush that you just brought out of me. My heart is pounding so hard I feel like it’s going to burst right out of my chest and do a jig.”

Noveyla’s blush lightened, but she was still embarrassed by this. However as luck would have it, or the opposite, Ortega’s actions had caught up with her, and one of the merc groups that were employed by her latest kill had tracked her down. Ortega suddenly caught a scent and went wide-eyed, tossing Noveyla into a closet nearby as she rolled off the bed and grabbed her rifle, firing at the door just in time to blast the head off a rushing human. “CAN’T A GIRL GET SOME ME TIME WITHOUT YOU PRICKS SHOWING UP!?”

“I don’t know, can’t a mercenary group have a steady paycheck without someone incinerating their supplier?!” A very pissed off Salarian shouted into the room. Narkesh was her name, and she was the leader of her own Eclipse unit. “We’ve got you surrounded. There’s only one way out and we outnumber you, Ortega. Come along quietly and we won’t have to hurt you.”

“You and what army?!” Ortega shouted, suddenly finding two more Salarians and a Turian charging into the room. She sprinted for cover in the bathroom doorway, crouched down and with her back to the wall as she tried to think of something while gunfire was raining down on her position.

While all this was going on, Noveyla looked on in horror from the closet. She had never been in a gunfight before let alone an ambush of this magnitude. She wanted to help, but she had the element of surprise for now as they didn’t seem to know she was there or just ignored her. Either way, she wasn’t going to spoil this until she knew she could help without endangering herself. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help, but she thought she would just get in the way with someone as experienced as Ortega.

She was right, as suddenly a bottle of what looked like bleach came flying out and was then shot and blown up. The Salarians were fine, but the Turian however began to puke and cough up blood in a sickening matter. Ortega had mixed some cleaning chemicals with the bleach to create a violent poison to the Turian, taking her out of the fight. She then poked her head out while they were distracted and took a few shots at the male Salarian and took down his shields. With the Salarian vulnerable, she ducked back into the bathroom for the incoming barrage, then leaped out and threw a knife straight into his throat, killing him instantly. Now with only one last threat to deal with, she slid and leaped to avoid the gunfire, and delivered a heavy kick to the Salarian woman’s face, sending her reeling to the ground before Ortega shorted out her shields with gunfire, then popped her heat sink and jammed it down her throat, effectively burning her to death from the inside out.

Ortega blasted the sick Turian for good measure, then growled and stormed towards the door. “Narkesh you’re next!” She screamed, racing outside…only to find a dozen more guns pointed at her. “God you’re such a cowardly bitch.”

“I’m not taking any chances with your psychotic ass…Speaking of, WHY are you bottomless?!” Narkesh shouts with a blush as Ortega grins and turns around to shake her naked ass at her.

“I’ll be charging a fee just so you know. This peep show ain’t free.” She grins, causing the Salarian to just sigh.

“Fuck it. Subdue her.” With that command given, the squad surrounding Ortega rushed her. Ortega got off a few shots, blowing a hole in one of them, before she was pummeled and knocked to the ground where they stomped and kicked her. She wasn’t so weak that they could kill her like this, but it didn’t tickle either, and the end result was a black and blue wolfess with a few boot marks on her fur and one eyes shut from a hard heel stomp she took. She was forced to her feet, Narkesh getting in her face and smirking. “Feels good to finally get the drop on you.” She says, only to get a spit of blood in her face as she growls and slaps Ortega across the face. “Let’s just get her out of here so we can collect on her head.”

Ortega found herself handcuffed, grumbling as she was escorted at gun point towards the tunnel exit while Noveyla poked her head out of the room and watched from afar. “Why is it whenever we do this dance Narkesh you always have your little groupies around? Take these stupid cuffs off and let’s do this like real women.”

“We tried that once and you nearly ripped my guts out. So no; that’s not happening.”

“You’re such a fucking pussy. You think I got where I am by having others fight my battles for me?”

“No I don’t, and that’s exactly my point. You’re handcuffed and are going to be sold to whoever we feel will treat you the worst, and I’m the one holding the keys to your freedom.”

“We’ll just see about that.” Ortega growls as she quickly stomps down on one of the guards’ feet and causes them to drop their gun. She slides a claw from her toe into the trigger and pulls it, shooting another guard as she targets a third and lunges. She takes a hard bite of their throat, then snarls and tears a good chunk of it off as the Turian goes wide-eyed with fear before collapsing dead.

Narkesh quickly grabs her gun and fires a barrage of stun rounds, staggering Ortega long enough for her to knock her to the ground and jam her gun barrel into her muzzle. “Ok FUCK this! Let’s just kill her and turn in her head!”

“Attention assholes: you are currently messing with my stuff!” Aria’s voice suddenly boomed throughout the underground hallway. “You’re sealed in with one way out, and that’s through me and my best men. Surrender and I promise to make your deaths as painless as possible.”

Narkesh growled at this revelation, yanking Ortega to a kneeling position and pistol whipping her so she was disorientated as she presses her gun barrel to the side of her head. “Fuck off Aria this is between me and this bitch!”

“That’s where you’re wrong. She’s one of my most valuable assets. If you kill her, then you deal with me. And you’re already in deep shit for choosing MY club for this little squabble of yours. Bottom line: none of you are leaving here alive. It’s up to you how me and my men kill you.”

“Well if that’s the case why don’t I just take Ortega’s fucking head off right now?!”

“Easy. Because then I won’t kill you. I’ll keep you locked away somewhere in a hell no one will ever find you. Every day of your life will be spent suffering at the hands of myself, my men, and anyone who pays enough. You’ll be beaten within an inch of your life and left to cling there, begging for us to kill you; a mercy which we’ll never grant.”

Aria’s chilling and brutal words sent chills down the Eclipse’s spines, as even Narkesh was sweating now. However before either party could exchange anything further, suddenly everyone found themselves blown away from Ortega by a biotic field. Noveyla had finally had enough, yanking Ortega’s battered body over to her before she began tossing the mercenaries around like ragdolls with her biotic powers. She slammed them together, into walls, into the ceiling, all with enough force to shatter bones, render them unconscious, and in a few cases break necks.

Finally it was down to just Narkesh, Noveyla staring her down with her biotics at the ready as the Salarian drew her pistol and engaged in a standoff. “You even try it and I’ll blow your fucking head off, bitch. I’m not going down without Ortega joining me.”

“Then it looks like you’ll just have to try me then.” Noveyla didn’t give her another chance, sending a rippling tidal wave of biotic power forward. Narkesh went to fire, but soon found a second wave hitting her from behind, before she was crushed between the force of both waves and sent to the ground in a heap. Noveyla looked down at the broken merc, then up to the culprit.

Aria had arrived on the scene, looking around at the bodies sprawled out everywhere as she nodded to her goons. They rounded up everyone, Narkesh included, and after binding their hands and legs escorted them to prison cells. The boss of Omega strolled forward, seeing Noveyla helping Ortega sit up as she smirked. “I stand by my earlier statement: you look like shit.”

“Oh har-“ Ortega began to say before she coughed up blood and got into a coughing fit, wiping it away as best she could with her arm, “har. How the fuck did they get passed your security?”

“That’s what I’m going to have a very stern and violent conversation with my men about a little later. I suspect a bribe was involved, so I’ll review security footage and go from there. In the meantime, you’re not leaving Afterlife until you’ve recovered. And that’s not a suggestion.”

“Oh yeah? You know me better than anyone on this rock, Aria, how well do you think that’s going to go?” Ortega asks with a grin.

Aria let out a small laugh. She could tell Ortega was just playing up to her tough girl moniker. She was probably close to passing out in her current state and that stunt she pulled earlier was her last ditch effort. She was spent; between the experience with Noveyla and the fight, there was nothing left in the tank for the bounty hunting wolf. “Well we’ll just see how you behave come morning. Get some rest with Noveyla.”

“About that, boss…There’s a few dead mercs in there.” Noveyla tells Aria, the asari raising a brow as she strolls down the hall and looks over the scene inside. She lets out a sigh before strolling back and looking down at Ortega.

“Self-defense or not, that’s gonna cost you, Ortega. So no, you’re not going anywhere for a while. I’m going to expect compensation for the damages to that room.”

“No problem I just got paid.”

“No, not in credits.”

“Then how…no.”

“You don’t have any say in this, Ortega.” Aria says as Ortega gets up and tries to hobble away. Aria laughs with amusement at this, following her at a walking pace until she fell over and pinned her beneath her foot.

“What’s she talking about boss?”

“It’s a punishment I’ve delivered to her before. I slap a collar and leash on her and force her to walk around on her hands and knees like the dog she is. I think two weeks should suffice for this. Play your cards right and I might give you over to Noveyla during those two weeks. For now though, Noveyla take her to your actual room I’ll get a cleaning crew in there.”

Noveyla nods, hoisting Ortega up and cradling her in her arms as she carries her upstairs and down a side street connected to Afterlife. She makes her way to an apartment complex, something Aria had built for her workers to live in so they wouldn’t have to travel far and risk getting killed, mugged, or both walking to work. Ortega hid her face the whole way as best she could, not wanting to take any hits to her reputation being seen in the sorry state she was in. Noveyla found it kinda cute, and carried her so that her face was obscured by her bosom as a result.

Ortega’s tail wagged at that, grateful for the anonymity being smothered provided her. Before long she arrived at her room, opening up to reveal a luxurious living space. Each apartment was the size of a small house, with plenty of room for whatever the tenants so desired. Aria knew the first step to a loyal work force was a happy one. And forcing them to live in run down shacks just wouldn’t cut it. Ortega was a tad angry by this and growled. “How come she gives you this fancy place but whenever I ask for somewhere to stay she either tells me to take a hike or shacks me up with one of her bigger workers?”

“Probably because she loves to toy with you.” Noveyla says with a chuckle. “I overheard her saying one time you’re her favorite plaything.” She says, hearing Ortega grumble and get in a huff. “But she also cares about you.”

“Aria cares…about me? I’m sorry last I checked she only cares about Omega and her rule.”

“And you help with that. You’ve got a nasty reputation and lots of people think you and Aria have a partnership going. So she uses that to her advantage. Anyone that defies her immediately caves when she threatens them with you. Hell someone shit their pants when she threatened to sick you on them.”

“Hmph…well guess that’s something I should be proud of…”

Noveyla chuckles, planting a kiss on Ortega’s cheek before she carries her off to bed and lies her down, covering her up with the blanket. “I’ll have your clothes delivered here by the morning. Until then you get some sleep.” She tells her, but when Ortega shows resistance to this proposition Noveyla immediately turns and slams her large ass down onto her face. “Maybe you didn’t hear me the first time, puppy. I said to SLEEP!” She shouts and clenches hard enough to start choking Ortega. “Though about your proposal earlier…let’s take it slow for now and see where things go ok? For now, you get to sleep.”

Ortega sighs, not liking to drop her guard for anyone, but with Aria and now Noveyla, she figured she could afford a little time off from being a stone cold bitch. She let out a soft sigh and just kissed the butt on top of her. “Fine…But thanks for giving me a chance.” Ortega allowed herself to relax, sighing in bliss and breathing in the lovely aroma of Noveyla’s rear. She loved her life, and this was just one more day in that life of adventure she would look back on and enjoy.
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