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While digging in my garden, I discover a unique bell.
I have a garden I enjoy within a verdant dell;
Once when I was digging it I came across a bell.
I got an early start one day--it wasn’t much past dawn;
but when my John Deere hit the bell, the plow could not go on.

And so to excavate the bell I shoveled left and right;
the bell was about three feet high and emanated light.
At first the light was violet, and violets excelled;
those violets of Africa in beauty's realm prevailed.

The bell light then transformed to blue--hydrangeas sang a song;
a clear blue sky also took note and so it sang along.
Upon the level ground the bell was glowing near my gate;
it looked like it was massive but it didn’t have much weight.

As green light radiated next, all stems and leaves of tree
received the light of garden bell like life receives the sea.
It was as if the bell exactly knew what fit the bill;
and so it took some extra time to highlight chlorophyll.

Then yellow light flashed out in warmth like buttercups in May;
how strange these transformations from a bell dug from the clay!
It warmed the face of daffodil and partnered with the sun;
I stood amazed at colors lent, yet still it was not done.

As bright rich red began to beam, I thought about the rose;
(I found a bell, but how it got there no one really knows.)
Some zinnia were overjoyed, carnation turned about;
but even those that went before gave a collective shout.

I watched the bell go through its rainbow cycle once again,
within my humble garden in a long and narrow glen.
There was no peal or knell at all, nor any church bell ring;
from this bell taken from the ground, the colors were the thing.

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