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Infinite meadows of heaven Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.
Those We Love Don't Go Away
They Walk Beside Us Every Day
Unseen, Unheard But Always Near
Still Loved, Still Missed

We all have loved someone more than our lives. We all have someone within our lives, we never wanna be apart from. They may be our family members (Mother, Father, Brother or Sister), they can be our other close family member, friend or the one you fall in love with. No maters who they are, we have close relationships with them. We share a mutual bond with them. Relaxed in their company. We love to hang out with them, laugh with them, share our stories with them, may sometimes gossip too. We can not imagine our world without them. Sometimes we call it destiny to meet them and other times faith to have them in our lives. It can also be some good karma. They can be your soulmates too (most of the time). They may be your crime partner. They correct us and protect us in need. We feel blessed around them. We make movie plans together or promise to have dinner with them. We love to go shopping with them. We share our secrets with them. But still, we never admit in front of them how much we care about them or how much they are worth, we fight with them and also become angry with them.

But sometimes, it never stays the same and the people whom without we can not imagine living just disappear in the air ( our we found how much they were valuable for us). We feel regretful for not appreciating them ( the way we should have). We feel sorry for taking them for granted as they will never leave us. There is a saying that A blind realize what great blessing eyesight is. After losing our beloved ones we realize they were our eyesight. And know, no maters how much we call their names they would not answer.

The people who can not bear to see us unhappy and crying, leave us all alone in dismay. When we survive to lose everyone is quick to tell us how strong we are, and how tough we must be. But actually, no one has the choice to survive grief, do they? It's not optional. You must have to cry in the shower, sob in the pillow and pray you will make it.

A thousand words wouldn't bring you back;

I know because I have tried.

Neither will a thousand tears;

I know because I have cried.

We know we can not bring them back to our lives, but still, we try our best to live and move on, even though we fail many times acting all good, people say time heals all but in fact no one can take their place in our hearts. Still, we try to survive when in reality we want to meet them (die). It's because we want to make them proud as we know they love our smile, we don't want to make them sad, their dreams are now ours, they now breathe in us, they live in our hearts and memories. As those we love never truly leave us, there are things that death can not touch. We know the loss is unmeasurable but so is the love left behind. And thus we promise ourselves One Day We Will Meet Again!

Small Request:
Appreciate the people who are kind to you, care about you and love you. Because you can not change a thing when it's done, move backward time. If your ego is stopping you from doing this let it sink. I know you wouldn't want to regret later. Every day many people die and most of them don't disease history, most of them die suddenly. I pray you will stay forever with your loved ones but still one can not predict the future.
The ones who have lost someone special to you, I pray God to give you strength and peace of mind. I want you people to stay healthy and make your beloved proud. I know they want you happy and will never want you to hurt your self physically and mentally. I know it's hard but you have to do it, for them Cherish life. So, when you meet again they will be proud of yourselves
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