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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Good Friend

“Where do you think you are going?”

“With you.”

“Ah... no.”

“Yes, I can help you!”

“How exactly?”

“I’ll tell Jane I was with you last night.”


“So, she won’t know you were with Alice!”

“I wasn’t ‘with’ Alice!”

“I know that. Jane’s never going to believe you. She’s gonna think you were sneaking around behind her back seeing Alice. She’s going to think you have a thing for Alice.”


“Well, because when she called you when her car broke down, Alice answered your phone.”

“She knows we all keep our phones in the kitchen in the restaurant and whoever is around, answers them if they ring.”

“But it was late, and it was Alice.”

“Alice works in the kitchen! Of course it was Alice, she always answers if it’s one of us waiters.”

“But it was late!”

“Because they had that party from Glimerfords and there were heavy drinkers. We had to be careful letting them leave, make sure none of the drunks were driving. We didn’t get out of there till midnight. That’s why I sent Mary to pick up Jane so she wouldn’t be sitting there alone in the dark. It would be dangerous.”


“OK, what?”

“OK you can go alone. For a change, even I would believe you. Nice job. Is Alice going to tell?

“Of course not! Her boyfriend Frank would kill us!”
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