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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2213452
A student finally goes to confront her bully only to discover she's got demonic powers!
Cassandra Highfield was your average, everyday highschool girl. She wasn’t the smartest, but she got good grades. She wasn’t the most athletic, but she was a good support player on the basketball team. She wasn’t…you get where I’m going with this. About the only thing that wasn’t average about her was the frequency at which she was bullied. She really only had one tormentor: a girl by the name of Trish Greenwood. While Trish was just one girl, she did the work of three. It was essentially an everyday thing for them where Trish would torment her with verbal and minor physical assaults.

Cassandra was in high spirits today since she hadn’t been on the receiving end of anything but an offhand comment from Trish. She was walking towards her friends’ table at lunch when suddenly she found a rogue lunch tray under her feet and let out a startled yelp as she plummeted to the ground and face planted. Luckily her own food tray somewhat soften the blow, but the food, while soft, was now smeared over her face and in her hair.

She whimpered and began to tear up as she got to her feet, trying her best to hide her face while those around her, Trish in particular, howled with laughter at her expense. She slumped down at her table and used a napkin to wipe her face off. Veronica wrapped an arm around her friend and hugged her to her side while Robin on the other hand was chomping at the bit to go and punch Trish and knock her lights out. “Oh I just want to knock her freaking teeth out so much!” She growled through gritted teeth.

“As fun as that would be to see, record, and put up on YouTube, I don’t want to see you get suspended over a worthless bitch like that.” Veronica told her before turning her attention back to Cassandra. “Cassandra listen, you need to confront her about this.”

“I-I fail to see how that would solve anything.” Cassandra whimpers out. You would think she was a totally different person whenever she was interacting with Trish. Whereas normally she was a bright, cheerful, and optimistic teenager; under Trish’s torment she was a weak, whimpering, and terrified mess of a girl. “Nothing’s going to come of it I can guarantee you that.”

“Well nothing will come of you sitting here and taking it either.” Robin chimed in. “Trust me I’ve seen plenty of girls like her before. They’re all a bunch of scared little punks that want nothing more than to be in control of someone, but the instant you take that control away they shatter and can’t take it.”

Veronica flipped through her phone and showed it to Cassandra. “It looks like she hosts a club after school that wraps up about twenty minutes or so after basketball practice. If you want Robin and I could back you up for this.”

“No…If I’m going to do this I want to do it without anything between us. I want to be on equal footing with that jerk and show her I’m not afraid anymore.” Cassandra said with a determined look in her eyes.

“That’s the spirit!” Robin said with a cheerful smile. “Now you sit tight, I’ll go and see if I can get one of the lunch ladies to replace your lunch.”

The rest of the day went by pretty uneventful for Cassandra, including basketball practice, until the time of judgment was upon her. Cassandra stood outside of the classroom that the meeting was being held at and took a few deep breaths to calm down. “Ok, Cassandra, you can do this. Don’t be scared. You just gotta go in there, and you show that bitch you’re not going to take anymore of her crap! Let’s go!” Cassandra threw open the door and burst in. “Trish I’m not afraid of you…any…more…”

Trish looked up from what she was doing in a panic. The scene before Cassandra was something out of a cult PSA video. The desks and chairs in the room had been rearranged in a circle and there were papers filling the floor in that circle. Written on the papers in red paint was what could only be described as some kind of demonic symbol. Despite all this, that still wasn’t the weirdest part of all of this. Sitting in the middle of said circle was a woman with very generous proportions, a devil tail, and a pair of bat wings coming out of her back. While they could have been simple costume accessories, she couldn’t as easily explain why her skin was fuchsia in color.

Cassandra was standing there with her jaw hanging wide open as her rehearsed speech was now a faint memory in her head. The woman sitting in the circle got an amused smile on her face at the sight of this new girl on the scene. “Oh she’s a cute one. Is she one of your friends, Trish?”

Trish growled as she pulled out a wand and swiped it, the door behind Cassandra suddenly slamming shut and locked it. “No she’s just my favorite torment target.”

“Oh so this is little Cassandra! How fun is this, Trish? She knows your dirtiest little secret. What're you going to do, hmm?”

“I’ll show you.” Trish flicked her wrist and suddenly Cassandra found herself yanked off the ground and pulled over to Trish by some unseen force. She looked absolutely terrified and her jaw was trembling while she hung up in the air before her bully. “So then, Cassandra, be honest with me. What do you see here?”

Cassandra looked down at Trish, then over to the mystery woman, then back to her and gulped hard. “I…I-I don’t know; it looks like a ritual or something. Trish just what the hell ARE you?!”

Trish just face palmed at this question while the other woman laughed. “I thought the wand would have made it easier but lemme spell it out for you: Trish here is a witch. She’s more than just that though. She’s my little partner in fun.”

“Are you just going to tell her everything?” Trish asked and exchanged looks with the succubus, but it clicked in her head what she was trying to get across. “What she means by that is: I summoned her here around the start of last year’s school year with the help of an old notebook someone left here. We have a soul pact in place. What that means is we each have a part of each other’s soul residing within our own.”

Cassandra looked on in horror as suddenly Trish grew a few inches and her butt and breasts grew to the size of her head. Her skin changed to a soft red and she too now had wings and a tail like the woman next to her. She whimpered in fear and felt like she was going to wet herself at any moment now.

The woman rested her hands on Trish’s shoulder and smirked devilishly at the human. “I’m grooming her to join me as a full-on succubus. She’s got a wonderful mind for this business and I’ve taken a liking to her.” She says and leans down to nuzzle cheeks with Trish. “Honestly you should consider yourself lucky, little girl. We succubi keep pets with us that we play with and do with what we please. It would appear Trish has chosen you to be her first.”

“W-what the hell are you talking about?!! I-I’m a human being I’m not a pet!” Cassandra shouted in a panic.

“Humans are nothing compared to girls like us.” Trish said with a smirk.

“You’re a human too you psycho what're you talking about?!”

“Wrong. I’m half succubus now. Once Tikaan here is finished with me I’ll be one hundred percent the real deal.”

Cassandra didn’t like the sound of this at all. Trish was on a power trip, and she had no way to combat her. Worse so there were two of them so even if she could get the upper hand she would most likely be done in by the other.

“So, Cassandra, here’s how things are going to go from now on.” Trish said as she summoned up her powers and in a flash the room had rearranged itself back to normal. “I own you now. Your life belongs to me.”

“Trish you’re scaring me.” Cassandra whimpered.

“Good, that was the idea. Since you now know my deepest, darkest secret, I’m not letting you off your leash.” Trish’s hands began to glow and she suddenly grabbed Cassandra by the throat with one hand and grabbed her wrists with the other. “There that will keep you in check. While I no doubt can scare you into keeping this secret, I now put a curse on you. If you ever try to discuss my secret, Tikaan's existence, or anything even remotely close to the subject, you’ll die.”

Cassandra’s heart skipped several beats at that news and all the color from her face melted off. Tikaan giggled with delight at the display before her and put her hand on Trish’s shoulder proudly. “I knew I made the right choice with you.”

“And in case you think that you can escape this little arrangement by suicide, you’re sorely mistaken. I know revival spells, and while you’ll come back as a zombie, you’ll still be mine. So as long as you behave yourself, be a good girl, and don’t resist me, I’ll treat you well. As a show of good faith, I’ll act like your little show of strength worked and I’ll stop bullying you in public.”

Cassandra was beyond confused now. If she wanted to keep tormenting her why would she agree to stop bullying her in school?

“Instead,” here it was, “you’re going to hang out with me whenever I want. If anyone asks, we’ll say it’s our own private study group. I’m one of the smartest students at the school so that’ll be an acceptable excuse. I’ll send you a message on your phone when I want you. We’ll meet up at the convenience store down the street, and from there, we’ll go to my house.”

“Speaking of your house, shouldn’t we be getting out of here?” Tikaan spoke up. “You lost control of this room like five minutes ago so now that the room is free any number of people could be coming here.”

“You make a good point.” Trish says as she looks to Cassandra with a smirk. “So we’re going to my place for a night of fun. But because I can’t trust you how you are, we’re going to make a special arrangement for you.” This time without her wand, indicating just how dangerous this new transformation was. She waved her hand over Cassandra’s body, before then made a slow crushing motion. Suddenly Cassandra saw the room and the succubi in front of her getting bigger. She panicked and frantically tried to get free, but the spell that had initially pulled her over was still restricting her movement.

When all was said and done, Cassandra was now the size of an action figure at roughly a foot tall. Both succubi absolutely towered over her now, Tikaan laughing while Trish grabbed her in her hand with ease. She squirmed frantically and tried her best to get free, but sadly for her there was NO getting out of Trish’s grasp. Even if she was normal size, her transformation allotted her more physical strength in addition to her magical prowess. She then found herself hoisted up above Trish and saw her mouth open, absolutely terrifying the tiny girl to her very soul. “TRISH WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!”

“Oh relax you big baby you’ll be safe…ish. Tikaan’s taught me a spell to safeguard against stomach acids for this very thing.” She says nonchalantly while the succubus snickers.

“She’s got the spell down roughly eighty percent. So as long as you’re not in there for too long you’ll be just fine.”

“WHY AM I THE ONLY SANE PERSON IN THIS ROOM RIGHT NOW?!?!” Cassandra shouts in a panic before she found her legs wrapped up by something warm and moist. A terrified look down revealed the reason why, as her knees down were now inside of Trish’s mouth. She frantically tried to get free, but Trish, not wanting to have her gag reflex trigger or any damage to her throat, quickly put a paralysis spell in place and saw her go limp.

Now with her victim unable to move Trish took up a seat and sat back to enjoy her snack while Tikaan stood over her enjoying the look of terror and fear on Cassandra’s face. “Ah intense human emotions; each one has their own distinct aroma and flavor. While I favor lust, love, and those like them, there’s just something so distinct about fear that makes it oh so wonderful.” She smiles and leans in to lick Cassandra over her face. “Mmm I hope you can taste every little emotion like I can, Trish.”

Trish rolled her eyes, not exactly in a position to talk with her mouth as full as it is, and gave a simple nod and waved her hand back and forth to signal yes but not exactly. Little by little Cassandra was inched down Trish’s throat and into her mouth, before suddenly her head vanished between Trish’s lips and she found her way on a one-way trip down into Trish’s belly. With a hard ‘thud’ she landed in the pit of her stomach, rubbing her now sore rump from the landing before she looks around at her surroundings and the reality of it all set in. This well and truly was Trish’s stomach. This wasn’t a dream or she wouldn’t be in pain and there was no way around it. She let out a terrified scream while Trish sighed and rolled her eyes, casting a mute curse on the inside of her stomach to sound proof it against her snack’s screams of terror and help.

“I could get use to that.” Trish said with a power hungry look of ecstasy on her face.

“It’s only the start of the fun you and I are going to have together.” Tikaan said as she waved her hand and briefly glowed. “There we go. I don’t know how Cassandra saw me at first, but I’ve now cast a spell so I should only be visible and audible to you two.”

“I’m kinda glad you didn’t do that when I first summoned you.” Trish said with a smirk as she changed back into her human form, gathered up her things, and then made her way out of the classroom. “Man I can’t wait to get home I’m going to have so much fun.” She said as she pat and rubbed her belly, sensing the fear and sorrow that Cassandra was going through.

“What kind of fun?” Someone suddenly said as Trish froze up for a moment, glancing over her shoulder and seeing Robin standing there with Veronica not far behind her.

“Robin, Veronica, how awful it is to see you lesbo lovebirds.” Trish said in a casual and hostile tone, more startling them than anything as they hadn’t really displayed anything at school or in public that would indicate they were in a relationship.

“The hell would you call us that for?” Veronica asked rather angrily, playing a defensive stance as Trish’s persona got a chip in it.

The only reason she knew this fact was because she had magic and was part succubus. Right now even though they were angry with her they were giving off a very powerful aroma of affection. Tikaan picked up on this little slip up and laughed to herself, giving her pupil an amused look. “Uh oh, looks like someone said something she shouldn’t have. Wonder how you’ll get out of this one.”

Trish quickly tried to think something up, wracking her brain for quick ideas, until she hit one idea that should work. “I caught a glimpse of you two kissing during one of the basketball games. If I recall correctly you were sitting in the nosebleeds and chose the moment everyone was intently watching the final minutes of the game and thought nobody would notice.”

Robin ignored the response while Veronica had a blush suddenly grace her cheeks. She got up in Trish’s face and put her hands on her hips. “We’re not on trial here. What happened in that room with, Cassandra?”

“What you didn’t hear the ambulance earlier?” Trish asked with a straight face, causing Veronica to tense up and made Robin look like she was about to throw her through a wall. “Sheesh there’s no sense of humor on you girls. No we talked things out and as a sign of good faith I gave her back some money I took from her and put in a little extra so she could grab herself a snack on her way home.”

“Well that was awfully nice of you. So this whole thing with you tormenting her is over then?”

“Yes we’ve settled it. I won’t do anything to her anymore, and as my way of apologizing, I’m going to be giving her private study sessions to try and boost her grades.” Trish says with a genuine smile. “See if I can’t make it so she gets honor roll every quarter.”

“You had better keep it that way.” Veronica says as she walks over to back up Robin. “Anything we see as bullying you do to her from now on you can bet we’ll be on you like a hawk.”

“Just have some faith in me alright? Now if you’ll excuse me I have a biology test to study for.” Trish said before she then turned and left. Veronica and Robin gave one another suspicious looks, but for now they decided they would just watch and observe for now.

Once Trish got outside of the building and began her way towards her house, Tikaan finally spoke up again, howling with laughter as she walked alongside her protégé. “Very nice thinking on your feet there; using a spell to read their minds and find the easiest link to their relationship was brilliant.”

“There’s a reason I’m in the top five GPA at our school.” Trish proclaimed proudly as she was walking and looking down at her phone to make her talking to herself seem more natural. She lifted the curse she had put on her stomach and allowed herself to hear Cassandra’s voice again. “So, Cassandra, how’s it going?”

Cassandra had come to terms with her imprisonment, after all her screaming and pounding on the walls of her prison had worn her out, she was now just sitting in a corner and trying not to cry. “I hate it in here…”

“Hmm, well then I think I’ll do this if you misbehave or step out of line.” Trish says with a devious smirk. “I imagine you heard my conversation with your friends?”

“S-somewhat…it’s hard to hear any voices that aren’t yours in here.”

“I’ll have to devise a spell for that…” Trish ponders as Tikaan smiled.

“There’s a sensory spell that’ll do the trick easy. You can link any and all of your senses with another person. So all you need to do is use that and Cassandra can hear everything you hear. It’s a very easy spell I could teach you it during a study hall with ease.”

“Wait why are you talking about this like this is going to be a regular thing?!” Cassandra shouts up at her captor. “Also shouldn’t you be focusing on the spell that means I won’t die in here?!?!”

“Right…we’ll work on both at the same time then. Also this WILL become a regular thing, Cassandra. The thing you need to learn to grasp is that I own you now. If I want a snack I’m going to gobble you up. If I want a foot rub you’re going to give it to me. I control every aspect of your life. You should be grateful for the deal you have now that I’m even going to allow you to return somewhat to your normal life.”

Cassandra whimpers when she hears this, feeling less like a human and more like an object from Trish’s words as she hugs her knees to her chest and buries her head between her knees. “Why me…? Why am I the one you chose for this?” She sobbed.

Trish felt the overwhelming sadness and tears coming from Cassandra, sighing as she poked at her belly. “Destiny; unfortunate circumstances; justify it however you want, the fact of the matter is you’re mine now. However I suppose constantly berating a pet is in poor taste…So if you do behave yourself I might reward you from time to time. Imagine stuffing yourself full with your favorite food at your current size.”

Cassandra perked up when that thought was brought up, pondering on it for a few moments. “I…kind’ve like the sound of that.”

“Good. We’re home now, so I’ll be letting you out soon.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask about that: how am I going to get out of here?”

“I thought that would be obvious. You’re a snack. How else do snacks get out of one’s body?”

Cassandra blushed crimson at that notion, glancing to her side and seeing a puckered hole that was the only exit available to her. “You have magic can’t you just teleport me out of here?!”

“I don’t know teleporting spells that advanced yet.” She lied. “Just crawl out and I’ll let you out once you hit the backdoor.”

“YOU ARE SO FUCKING GROSS I HATE YOU!! Tikaan can’t you teleport me out?!”

Tikaan rolled her eyes as she was dragged into this and simply snapped her fingers. However instead of freeing the shrunken girl, instead she found a bodysuit had appeared in front of her. “First of all, I don’t answer to you, mortal. Second, ask me for anything again that goes against Trish’s wishes and you’re going to suffer greatly for it.”

Cassandra whimpered at this, simply putting the bodysuit on so that her clothes or hair wouldn’t get ruined by her impending journey. “Y-you’d better let me out when I get through here.” With that, she took the plunge.

It was several minutes later that Trish felt something poking at her back door, smirking as she removed her jeans and panties. “Well that went faster than I thought. Did you have fun with your trip, Cassandra?”

Cassandra whimpered upon exiting, her hands and head poking through Trish’s backdoor first, and she wriggled the rest of her way out before she yelped and suddenly dropped and crashed onto the ground. She groans and immediately removed the suit she was given, getting to her feet and blushing neon red as she was now staring up at a bottomless Trish who had turned back into her succubus form. “Please put your clothes back on.”

Trish rolled her eyes, removing the rest of her clothes before she put on a very skimpy thong and a bra that fit her human breasts, but were straining to keep up the weight of her succubus ones. “Is this better for you?”

“NO!” Cassandra shouts as Tikaan laughs and relishes in the embarrassment she was feeling.

“Well cute stuff you had better get used to it. We succubi don’t like to wear a lot of clothing. Not only for the lust appeal to victims, but it also allows us to take in the emotions that our victims radiate even better.” The more experienced succubus explains. “In fact, let’s take care of your clothes right now.”

Cassandra tried to run, but it was a useless effort. Quick as a flash Tikaan raced over to her, tore all her clothes off, then just so she couldn’t put them back on, she grew them back to their original size. Cassandra whimpered and cried as her shame was now on full display, wiping her eyes on her arm and looking completely defeated. “She’s so pathetic when she cries.” Trish remarked with a smirk.

“You can’t keep me like this here forever. What will your parents think when they come home and see what’s going on?” Cassandra asks, hoping to scare Trish into reverting her to normal.

Unfortunately for poor Cassandra, Trish and Tikaan were light years ahead of her. “Oh we’ve dealt with that issue.”


“What? No! I’m not THAT heartless!” Trish growled at her. “Tikaan worked out all the problems of my new lifestyle. When I summoned her here we put the plan into motion. My parents have no memory of me anymore. In my place we chose an orphan around my age and replaced all of their memories of me with her, and made a copy of my memories to give to her so she wouldn’t be foreign to them as the new me. The exception being that she thinks she’s transferring to our school from a different one so she won’t be confused to find me doing everything she thinks she does.”

Cassandra was baffled by this turn of events. She had no idea that Tikaan was this powerful and frankly it made her fear that she could easily become a mindless slave to them. “And now that I’m here on earth, I will pose as Trish’s single mother with my own human appearance. We’ve thought about every angle of this plan before today. If you want we could always do the same for you and your family. You could live here with us as our pet without silly things like family or friends to get in the way.”

That was a harrowing prospect; to know that everyone would forget about her and she would forever be at the mercy of Trish and Tikaan. She just continued to go downhill from there emotionally, and that was all part of Trish’s plan. She had conditioned her like this with her bullying, and now that she had this demonic power, she was just going to turn that up and put her mind in such a state of despair that Cassandra would depend on her abuse and think it was the norm. Then she would have her practically begging to be replaced and made into a pet.

For now though, it was time for some more physical punishment. Without a warning Trish walked forward and stepped on Cassandra. She pinned her down, her foot covering nearly all of Cassandra’s tiny body. “Now then, pet, I’m ordering you to start licking.”

Cassandra groaned and squirmed beneath the giant foot on top of her. “Trish you’re kind’ve crushing me…Do you think you could maybe let up a LITTLE!!” Cassandra squealed her last word.

Trish pressed down on top of poor Cassandra and grinded her foot over her tiny body. “Excuse me I don’t believe I asked for your opinion. I. Said. START LICKING!”

Cassandra writhed in pain, but did as she was told for fear of a worse punishment. She stuck her tongue out and started to lick her mistress’s feet. She regretted it almost immediately as she got a taste of her salty sweat and the grime her foot naturally built up. This seemed to do the trick as she heard a purr of delight coming from Trish up above.

“Mmm yes that’s a good little pet. Keep doing what you’re doing.” Trish commanded. Cassandra could only obey, weakly lapping at the giant foot on top of her. Occasionally Trish would ease up a bit so she could fill her lungs, but she wasn’t always that nice. She would also make a habit of squeezing Cassandra’s face between her toes; smothering her into the bottom of her big toe and making her breathe in the putrid smell of her foot.

Sadly just when Cassandra thought it was over she found Trish’s other foot crashing on top of her and she was forced to clean and worship IT too. It took nearly half an hour before Trish was fully satisfied, finally stepping off of Cassandra’s battered and sweat covered body. An amused smile came over Trish’s face as she found her pet was cute when she looked all pathetic like that. “You’ve done an excellent job, pet. I’m proud of you and your efforts.” She got no response however, as Cassandra was too tired and out of breath to say anything. Trish raised her foot and stomped down hard this time. She crushed her upper body and face directly under her foot before she grinded down and stood on her foot to apply her full weight. “You are such an ungrateful, little cur! Thank your Mistress when she praises you!”

“Th…thank you…Mistress…” Cassandra managed to say below. Trish stepped off of her, seeing that she’d flattened her face and smirked at seeing her in such a sorry state.

“You’re welcome, pet. Now then, your disrespectful behavior aside, I believe it’s time for a treat. Have you ever had ice cream before, Tikaan?” Trish asked as she picked Cassandra off the ground and carried her into the kitchen.

“I don’t think such a thing was invented the last time I came up here.” The succubus said as she followed her. Trish casually dropped Cassandra onto the counter and opened up her freezer, pulling out a tub of rich chocolate and vanilla ice cream. She threw a few scoops into a bowl and added the spoon, then passed it off before prepping her own. Tikaan looked the frozen concoction over, giving it a few sniffs before she grabbed the spoon and brought the combination up to her mouth and chomped down on it. She squeaked cutely in surprise as her wings stood rigid and her tail began to swish and wag in delight. “This is so delicious! It might even be better than how some emotions taste!” Tikaan shouted excitedly.

“Glad you like it.” Trish smiles, making her own bowl, but then frowned as she realized something. “Hmm…I don’t have any tiny bowls for Cassandra. Ooo I’ve got a perfect idea.” She grins and grabs a scoop of ice cream and did something to it that Cassandra couldn’t quite see. “Let’s go and watch a movie shall we?” Trish brought along her bowl, the rest of the ice cream, and Cassandra.

Once they got to the living room Tikaan happily sat down and greedily consumed her ice cream with all the delight of a young child. Trish set everything down on the table beside her, visibly shivering a little and confusing Tikaan as to why that was. She got the answer to this soon, as Trish pulled back her thong and revealed she had a scoop of ice cream lodged deep in her butt crack. “Hope you enjoy your dessert, Cassandra.” She says with a big smirk before inserting her into her thong, then lets it snap back into place and slams her ass down.

The tiny human moaned beneath her as the giant butt was now crushing her, on top of being completely covered in chocolate and vanilla ice cream. She whimpers a little, before she starts to lick at the ice cream and TRIED to enjoy it. Despite it tasting great, it still had the faint taste of Trish’s ass on it in addition to the smells that accompanied them.

Trish purred with delight as she felt her squirming and suffering between her butt cheeks, finding this to be the most enjoyable experience with her new pet thus far. She would grind and clench her cheeks around her, basking in her soft skin against her own. How comfy she was beneath her plump butt cheeks. All of it just made her feel like the ideal cushion for her mistress. She leaned over to Tikaan, making sure to clench her butt cheeks together to muffle any sound Cassandra might hear. “Think you could teach me a spell real quick?”

Tikaan hissed like a cobra at the question, though it was mostly just a reflex at being asked to do anything besides enjoying her treat. She eventually simmered down and composed herself to give a proper response. “Yes what do you want to learn so suddenly?” She asks, leaning in to hear Trish whisper into her ears as she grins deviously. “As long as I get more of that ice cream than you, you’ve got a deal.”

That was how the rest of their time went while watching the movie. Tikaan had brought some objects that she could practice on while they enjoyed the film and their ice cream. Sadly Cassandra wasn’t having as much fun as they were. With the thong at her back it made escape impossible, and after the combination of her eating and Trish’s warm ass the ice cream had melted enough to the point where she could now see her tail hole poised above her. She worried that with all the grinding and bouncing she might get accidentally sucked inside of her ass and that was the last thing she wanted to happen.

She tried her best not to sink further into her butt crack, but then squeaked as a sudden bounce stuffed her face first into Trish’s asshole and brought a moan of delight from her mistress. She glanced back at her ass and wagged her tail with delight. “Aww, if you wanted a better snack all you had to do was ask, Cassandra.” She yanked on her thong and made it go as tight as it could go, effectively pinning Cassandra as deep as she could go into the succubus’s ass and trapping her face in her asshole. “Now do I need to tell you what to do or can you figure it out?”

Cassandra hated this so much. However she was more terrified about what was going to happen to her if she didn’t obey Trish. After some attempts to motivate herself, she eventually stuck out her tongue and starting routing around inside of Trish’s pucker. It was easily the grossest thing she’d ever tasted, and hearing the purrs of pleasure and feeling the clenching coming from Trish only served to rub in her predicament even further. She whimpered and continued worshipping Trish and pleasuring her, but was suddenly rocked by a massive fart that was ripped straight into her face and mouth. It comically inflated her a little from the force of the high, foul winds, and made Trish laugh in response.

“Oh I’m sorry, Cassandra, you know what they say though: better out than in!” Trish said before breaking out into a maniacal laugh.

Tikaan snickered at this, loading up her bowl with more ice cream as she then got an idea. She quickly cast a curse onto both herself and Trish, causing her student to suddenly groan and grip her stomach in pain. “That should make things fun in a bit.”

“Tikaan what the hell did you do…? I feel like my stomach wants to kill me.”

“Oh, I just made us lactose intolerant to a degree.”

“You did this WHY exactly? My stomach is so upset it feels like I’m going to burst.”

“That’s the idea.” Tikaan smirked.

It took her a while, but eventually Trish caught on to what her master was getting at. She smirked evilly, finishing off the last of her ice cream and handing Tikaan the remnants of the tub before she began to bounce up and down on her ass and Cassandra. She got so high up that she was practically jumping off the couch with every slam of her ass onto the poor girl.

Cassandra was in a daze from all of this, her head spinning and her body sore from the repeated abuse. Eventually though she discovered just why Trish was being so active; it was to speed up the process that Tikaan had put into motion. She heard what sounded like the mighty roar of a hungry beast coming from in front of her and gulped. She knew exactly what that meant and squeaked in fear as she suddenly found Trish standing up and fished her out.

Rather than freeing her however, she had something else in mind for her little pet. Trish removed her thong entirely, giving Cassandra a view of her naked butt once more, and then she lied down on her belly. She then inserted Cassandra between her butt cheeks so that only her shoulders up were sticking out. Cassandra struggled and squirmed to get free, but let out a squeal of terror as suddenly Tikaan was standing over her with her own large ass poised above. Both succubi exchanged a smirk and a nod, before Tikaan leaped up and butt bombed her student, now sitting on top of her butt cheeks, and leaving poor Cassandra trapped in her butt cheek prison.

Cassandra’s muffled whimpers could barely be heard over the cackling of her captors as Tikaan rubbed her belly. “Ooo, I feel QUITE the storm brewing in there. You think she’ll survive this, Trish?”

“Hehe, doesn’t matter if she does or not, she’ll still belong to us.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right there.” Tikaan says before she looks down between her legs and smiles. “Good luck down there, Cassandra!”

Cassandra could only whimper and cry in response, before a large explosion went off and she was hit by two enormous farts. Both girls let out a sigh of bliss, before they resumed watching their movie in this new position. The curse that Tikaan had implemented ensured both girls would be farted for a LONG time, and they still had an hour to go in their movie.

It was only after said hour passed that the movie ended and Trish let out a yawn. “Welp, I think it’s time for bed.” Tikaan nodded, getting to her feet as they got a good look at Cassandra for the first time in a while. Both of them howled with laughter as Cassandra had her mouth hanging open with remnants of gas slowly filtering out of her throat. She had a look that was a mixture of horror and disgust on her face, but above all else: suffering. The poor girl just went through hell and now that she was given a break of fresh air she couldn’t even enjoy it given how bad off she was.

“I think we broke our pet.” Tikaan remarked as Trish grinned evilly.

“Well then, we’ll just have to keep this pace up to get her durability up. Worst case scenario she dies and we just bring her back.” Trish says with a nonchalant chuckle. She reached back and fished Cassandra’s limp body out of her ass. She stood up and decided it was time to show her just what she’d learned while the movie was happening. “Now, Cassandra, while I’m sure I could just magically seal the house to prevent you from running away, I have a far more fun idea in mind.”

“P-please…just let me rest…” Was all Cassandra could say. She wanted to beg for death, but that wouldn’t change anything.

Trish looked hurt by her request, though it was all just an act to play along. She leaned down and kissed her pet on the head and gave her a few pats as well. “Aww, you poor thing; of course I’ll let you rest.” She says, seeing the look of relief on Cassandra’s face before she shattered it. “You’ll be my panties obviously, but I’ll let you relax for the night.”

Cassandra’s face instantly went to one of horror. She looked like she’d just been sentenced to death as she looked up at Trish and shook her head slowly. “P-please don’t do that! I’ll be a good pet I swear!”

Trish’s plan was working. She just scored the first of many victories to come by getting her to admit to being a pet. She ignored her request and waved her hand over Cassandra as suddenly her body began to morph and flatten out. She let out a scream of terror as she was worried she was melting, but in reality, her body was just flattening and conjoining to take on the shape of the perfect pair of panties for her mistress…Well I say perfect, but in reality she was a couple sizes too small. Something Trish had most certainly done on purpose.

Cassandra could only stare in terror now up at her captor, seeing the look of sheer delight on her face as the poor pet’s face was on the inside of the back of the panties. Trish was about to throw her on when suddenly she heard a phone go off and grumbled. “Oh what is it now?” She walked over towards her phone, but that wasn’t the culprit. Curiously she fished through Cassandra’s clothes and found her phone in the back of her jeans and saw who it was. “Aww look, it’s your mommy! Don’t worry I’ll handle this and we can go back to our fun.”

Cassandra went wide-eyed as she was given this news. She tried desperately to make any kind of sound. A cry for help, a scream of peril, ANYTHING; but alas, she couldn’t communicate in her current form. Trish answered the phone politely and smiled. “Hello, Mrs. Highfield! This is Trish; I’m one of Cassandra’s classmates. She’s in the bathroom right now but how can I help you…? Yes I’m that Trish, but you don’t need to worry ma’am. Your daughter and I had a talk after school and we’ve sorted out our little squabble…Where are we? My place; I just felt so bad after how I treated her that I’m going to give her private study/tutor sessions to see if I can’t permanently get her on that honor roll…Oh you’re welcome! It’s not a problem at all! She’s quite the scholar herself. She just needs some proper motivation, a good candle to guide her, and some occasional brain food…Oh, ugh, hehe…I-I promise I won’t give her TOO many sweets. I’m sorry I didn’t notify you about this, but my area of town has had some shady people walking around at night, so I’m letting Cassandra sleep over and we’ll get to school together tomorrow morning. Don’t you worry, I’ll be sure to get her back home in one piece….You have a good night too, Mrs. Highfield, I’ll be sure to tell her that you said that. Goodbye.”

Trish hung up, and all at once Cassandra’s spirit just shattered. Trish had her firmly in her clutches, and worst of all, she had no way of getting free of her control. She could feel her will shrinking and wanting to submit, but she couldn’t really think of anything to resist it. Trish held all the cards and she had nothing. It was with a heavy heart that she looked up at Trish with pleading eyes, trying to indicate she wanted to talk. Trish raised a brow in curiosity and used a spell that would allow Cassandra to project her thoughts. “What’s on your mind, pet?”

“I want you to do it.”

“Do what, Cassandra? You’re going to have to be more specific.” Trish said with a knowing smirk.

Cassandra whimpered a little before ultimately she broke down in tears and began to bawl her eyes out. “I want you to make me your permanent pet! I can’t bear to face my parents like this! I can’t put on a Poker Face and just hide what you’re doing to me. And I think you know that. So just…just do to me what you did to your life…”

Trish grinned with devilish delight; victory was always so sweet. She pulled Cassandra up and gave her a gentle kiss on what would be her forehead. “Don’t cry, Cassandra. Tikaan and I will take really good care of you as our pet. In time you’ll come to love being with us I’m sure of it. For now though, let’s tuck you in and get a good night’s sleep ok?”

Cassandra could only nod to her, too tired and broken to do much else. She looked up as she saw Trish’s big butt once again, squeaking when she was pulled up nice and snug with her face between her plump cheeks. Trish smiled and gently squeezed her butt cheeks around Cassandra in an effort to give her a hug, then walked off to her room with Tikaan close behind. “Looks like you won this battle.”

Trish snapped her fingers and put Cassandra to sleep so she couldn’t hear this conversation, then once she heard her snoring, responded to the elder succubus. “The first of many I’m sure of it. So, now that she’s said what she did, can we do the spell?”

“Of course we can. The only stipulation of the spell to trade lives is that the person must give up their life freely. You did so when I made the offer and now that she’s been broken Cassandra has consented as well.”

“Perfect. I love when plans come together.” Trish smiles and enters her room, yawning once more as she climbs into bed and gives Cassandra one last pat goodnight before looking to Tikaan. “Would you mind-“

“Looking up a suitable replacement for Cassandra? Consider it done, Trish.” She says as she sits down at her desk and boots up Trish’s laptop.

“Thank you, Tikaan. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Oh, but now that you’re here, do you think you could tell me about the person that wrote my notebook?”

Tikaan laughed at that question, bringing back memories as she smiles and nods before doing a search of nearby orphanages. “I’d be more than happy to. Of all my time here on earth and communicating with mortals she was the only one to ever outsmart me. Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about my former summoner: Sapphire.”

“Sounds like fun. Goodnight, Tikaan, I’ll see you in the morning.” Trish says with a smile. She curled up and began to nod off to sleep; satisfied with her conquest and acquisition of her brand new pet: Cassandra.
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