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by janaya
Rated: E · Other · Action/Adventure · #2213456
When friends come to problems when they are in the darkness they are faced with a choice.
There could be millions of thousands of new discoveries everyday but one happens to be in the mind of a 15 year old girl. One in which she always wanted. That was to see the bottom of the ocean. For ever she had this dream and she was going to put it into action. For the next 3 years she learned everything there is to know about expeditions into the ocean. When she was 18 she finally got to go. She suited up in the most thick material she had ever been in.This was because without it she would be crushed by the pressure of the ocean. She took a few friends and her boyfriend. On the way down they saw so many beautiful things. When they reached the bottom they jumped with joy. They stayed down there for a little wile then desisted to head back up to the surface. They where about half way and they heard something. Then all of a sudden a shark charged tors them. They scramble to the surface and got out just in time. They where safe and sound.
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