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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

Rana heard a knock on the door, yelling “Go away!” she wasn’t in the mood. She’d moved here to be alone, but the knock persisted, louder. Finally, she yelled “Are you threatening me?”

“I don’t think so,” came a strange voice.

Flinging open the door, Rana stopped short. There on the step, about to knock again, was a six-foot rabbit, standing on his hind legs, wearing a bow tie. “Oh, hello!” it said, “Is Elwood here?”

Rana stared. Then assuming she was hallucinating, she shook her head and slammed the door. Flopping into a chair, she took a deep breath. Sweat popped out of her forehead, she felt dizzy. Fear took over, then logic... she must be dreaming! Suddenly, strengthened by this thought, she reopened the door. But, there was nothing there.

Closing the door, she turned, jumping as she found the six-foot rabbit standing by her dining table. “I’m looking for Elwood?”

Now certain she was dreaming, Rana decided to go with the flow. “Sorry, no Elwood here. I’m Rana.”

“Rana...” said the rabbit, “My name’s Harvey. I was sure this was the right place... I’ve been away. What year is it now?”

“Ah, it’s Twenty-twenty. But my family has lived here for a very long time. I inherited the place from my Great Grandmother Veta.”

“Oh dear,” said the rabbit, “I knew I shouldn’t have stayed away so long.” He flopped into a chair. “What will I ever do now?”

Feeling like things couldn’t get too crazy, since it was a dream after all, Rana said, “Well, you could stay here, I guess.”

Rana was always surprised that she never seemed to really, completely, wake up, for the rest of her long and somewhat complicated life.

Nobody else ever saw Harvey, and Harvey never left again.
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