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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2213515
A short story written for the 'No Dialogue Competition', February 2020.

Mark sat in the arrivals lounge of the airport. His nervousness would have been obvious to anyone that had looked his way, but most were too busy meeting up with family or loved ones, or just walking swiftly out of the airport doors to a waiting cab.

He barely gave the bustling people a glance, for her flight was not yet due to land. Mark's eyes kept on glancing towards the clock; his ears listened out for any announcements concerning her flight. He was so eager to set eyes on her for the very first time, but at the same time was filled with anxiety.

Denise was finally flying to meet him. After so many years of getting to know each other online, building up trust and falling in love, they had made the decision to connect in person.

Alternatively wishing that the time would hurry up and pass, or that the clock would stop completely, the announcement that her flight was finally coming in to land echoed around the hall. He got to his feet, but unlike the others that were waiting for those disembarking, Mark hung back.

He did not know what she looked like, and he had never shared a photo of himself. It was not beyond the realms of possibility that they would pass by each other without even realizing. He could have written her name on a piece of card and held it up like he had seen done in the movies, but that didn't seem right. They should be able to recognize each other, at least if their romance was going to have a chance to flourish in real life.

The first passengers began to enter the lounge but it was obvious that she was not among them. There was no hesitating, no looking around; all of them knew exactly who was there to greet them, or where they were to go. As the passengers began to dwindle, he had to admit that there was a possibility that she had changed her mind and had not made the journey at all.

Convincing himself that was the case, he placed the newspaper that he had idly been flicking through onto the chair beside him. If someone else should be in the same situation they were welcome to make use of it. He began to turn towards the doors, trying to hide his feelings of disappointment to the world in general, when he saw someone entering the arrivals lounge.

She was dressed casually and was clearly nervous; she chewed at her bottom lip as she looked around. Her eyes met his and there was a spark of hope, then a realization. They walked slowly towards each other, but as they got nearer their pace quickened. She dropped her bag to the ground and opened her arms towards him, and his own arms enveloped her in a hug.

Mark and Denise had finally found each other and there was no doubt, from watching them, that everything would be alright.

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