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Sexy + Scary = Delicious?
SCREAMS!!! Entry 2/20/20
Theme: Wendigo
1,021 words

The light of the campfire danced warmly over his skin as I bit his delicious neck. My tongue slithered and licked the taste of him—sweet with desire, salty with heat. My lips sucked his flavor inside me, and I shivered with arousal.

“Mmmmm… not so hard, Lil, you’re going to leave a mark…” said Pete. I could hear the husky edge to his voice.

“You know you love it,” I said, pressing my teeth into his sensitive flesh even harder.

He moaned, and I smiled as I nipped downward, sliding kisses over the iron swell of his leanly muscled chest. As I dragged my mouth to his carved abs, I could feel their tightening striations squirming under the steaming heat of my breath.

I felt his heartbeat quicken as I nimbly worked his pants open with my fingers. I could hear only the crackle of the fire and his increasingly urgent breathing in the silence of the night...

...until a branch snapped.

Both of our eyes snapped to the source of the sound, pupils dilating as they attempted to adjust to the absolute blackness.

“What was that?” I whispered.

“Quiet,” he whispered back. He slipped out from under me, creeping quietly toward the sound. I leaned back with bated breath and wide eyes, frightened for him.

As I heard another crack, my hands shot to my mouth—but I quickly realized that Pete had created this noise when he stopped and cringed.

“Careful, Pete!” I hissed into the shadows.

“Shhhh!” he replied, giving me a quick glare.

Chastened, I remained kneeling, watching with dread, fingertips clenched under my chin.

Pete stalked around our camp, searching the area for several minutes before returning to where our sleeping bags lay in the open, tentless this dry night.

He shrugged.

“It’s nothing,” he said casually. How could he be so nonchalant at a time like this?

“How do you know for sure?”

“Couldn’t find anything,” he said, putting his arms around me.

I kept my eyes fixed on the source of the sound as Pete began to kiss my neck.

“Relax, babe,” he said. “You weren’t even this nervous on our first shoot together…”

I smiled at the memory he referenced.

“Well, I was too busy admiring my sexy photographer’s hot bod,” I said. I felt myself easing back into the mood after the brief scare.

“Look who’s talking!” he said. I could feel his smile brush against my skin. It sent tingles of desire through me.

“You mean you like these curves?” I said playfully, pulling my top over my full breasts.

Pete pulled away as the cloth formed a momentary veil between us. I flung it away, and he gave an exaggerated look of appreciation.

His eyes rose languidly from my chest to meet mine.

They were on fire.

All thoughts of the sound forgotten, I lunged at him with predatory speed, knocking him backward onto the softness of our sleeping bags. I heard the whirring purr of nylon as I kissed him hungrily.

I felt him rise against me as I held his lower lip in my teeth, pressing into my hip. I slid my breasts along his bare upper body, hands trailing along the bulges of sinew in his torso as if finishing a worshipful bow.

When my center of gravity was balanced again over my legs, I gave him a dark smile and slowly peeled off my tight workout pants, hips swinging from side to side as I revealed the endlessly smooth expanse of my thighs and calves.

My eyes never left his. I watched as steam rose from his chest into the crisp air. Oh yes, he definitely liked this…

I stepped out of the pants as they reached my ankles. Now fully nude, I bit my lower lip and slinked back down to him. I felt his strong arms envelop me with scorching body heat, his musky scent misting into me. I felt an electric surge of passion jag through me from the calloused roughness of his hands.

A low, guttural growl escaped my lips as our tongues swirled together, stoking breathless sensation.


For his skin. For his body.

I shifted onto him, feeling him press into me. I felt his warmth filling me, stinging and stabbing for a brief moment, then becoming more comfortable as I relaxed and he pushed further inside.

Gasping, I began to undulate my hips, adjusting my angle to eliminate the last vestiges of pain, leaving only pleasure.

The pleasure tonight was dark, wet, wicked.

I moaned, my hands working their way under his flexing back.

His sweat covered my fingertips as I clenched them into claws, pressing into his burning skin.

My arms seemed longer, thinner.

I stretched out my legs.

They reached past his feet, longer than they should be.

Something was wrong.

I didn’t care.

He didn’t care. Erotic sensation hazed his perception. I could feel it.

Continuing to kiss, I pressed my teeth into his tongue, hard enough to draw blood.

“Easy,” I heard him whisper.

I released his tongue, savoring the tinny taste of his blood like fine wine as I moved my crimson lips to his ear, painting his cheek with a streak of blood.

“No,” I whispered back devilishly. I felt him shudder at my words, anticipating what I was going to do to him.

My eyes flicked up to see a spindly, gaunt creature with antlers silhouetted by the lapping flicker of our campfire’s dying flames. All I could see of its face was its gruesome, beatific smile.

My head drew back in a serpentine motion, like a cobra ready to strike. I felt the weight of bone rising from my head.

I struck, my sharpening teeth diving back toward his neck.

This time when I bit him, he screamed.

It was a delightful melody.

His viscous life gurgled into me as my lips sucked his delicious skin.

I quaked in release, hips undulating as my body finished its metamorphosis.

I was hungry.

And the skin was my favorite part.

Gaia help me.
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