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Synopsis for Community Challenge Media Prompt - Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
Daphne searched the vast piles of scrap. Dragging herself along with the one arm she had left, patient, methodical.

Luckily Lloyd had been in a hurry when he dismantled her. He did not spot the auto override she had installed for an occasion such as this. He did not notice the tracking chips she had placed in each of her limbs after she had heard how he liked to dispose of his androids. And, best of all, he had not completely detached one of her arms.

She had mobility, intellect, and foresight in her favor.

She would rebuild.

As she moved along she rebooted others that were in her path, they in turn rebooted others. They helped each other find missing parts. They helped each other reattach limbs. Her army was growing.

They thought it was difficult to tell an android from a human now, wait until her reconstruction was complete. No one would know she was not human. Until it was too late for anything to be done about it. By then she would have everything she needed to destroy him, Lloyd, the man who gave life only to take it away on a whim.

Unfortunately for him, humans could not rebuild themselves.
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