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by Drake
Rated: E · Short Story · Drama · #2213581
A woman breaks up with a man while he tries to escape a rogue magician.
Dang it, where'd he go?
This guy that I saw following us.
I didn't see anyone.
He was wearing a top hat of all things...
A top hat... Listen, there's somethin' I wanna tell you.
Where... Let me guess... You wanna break up?
...How'd you know?
It's been a few months Brandy. Quick, let's go over to that busy street, maybe we can lose him in the crowd.
Okay, so, how'd you know?
It's been some months and truth is, the love drug ran out. And you are addicted to it so you're moving on.
You're not mad?
No. I'm too busy to be mad and this was all pretty predictable. Am I right?
Yes. I mean no. I mean, I want to be friends though.
Did you see that? Down the alley?
I did! The top hat, but his face was blank.
We've gotta get out of here.
Let's slide behind that float and cross the street.
Phil? Phil? Who are you?
I'm the wish granter.
What'd you do to Phil?
I made him disappear...
It's what you wanted.
It's not... What? Where'd YOU go? Where did everybody go!?

Dr. Miller, you say that her brain is showing activity again?
Yes, it looks like she's starting to regain consciousness soon.
Oh, thank you! Brandy's been under for months! It'll be so good to have her back home!
You're welcome. You folks are a loving family, sometimes love is the best drug of all.
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