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I don't know what this is but I wrote it for the 48-Hour Challenge: Media Prompt!

You found my
Used-up heart
Lying on the ground,
Neglected and discarded.
You healed me with
The warmth of your smile.
Medicated me regularly with
The honesty of your friendship.
You taught me the importance of
Loving myself and respecting myself.
Because of you, now I know that I am
Worth so much more than what I thought
and what I was made to believe with his lies.
I am finally waking up from a long dream of
Fairy tale love stories and romance like the movies.
I am finally stepping away from a forced image of
The delicate, submissive woman who must follow
Whatever I’ve been told by the men in my life.
I am free now, and I’m done keeping my silence.
I am tired of holding my breath and never saying,
“No.” No, I won’t listen to any more excuses.
Yes, I am speaking up when I think they’re wrong.
I am fed up with the cheating and the backstabbing.
Men like him are not worth my tears and my pains.
So, I’m setting this old love aflame, and leaving his
Words and shattered promises behind me to burn.
I will rise from the ashes of my past self and stand
Tall and proud, high and mighty, tough and strong –
With you by my side to support me with your love.
Thank you for your friendship and for giving me
Something better than “a leading man” or “a prince.”
I don’t need to be the protagonist nor the main lead.
I can just be a side character and enjoy everything
From the background – far away from the drama.
I don’t need a lover to be happy and content.
I just need someone trustworthy who will never
Break, batter, bruise and abuse my heart.

Just something I wrote for the "Note: 48-HOUR CHALLENGE : Media Prompt Deadl..."
Inspired by Demi Lovato's very emotional song and video of "Skyscraper".
I wrote it imagining the shape of a skyscraper, too. *Laugh*
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