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A motley group of animals are racing toward school -- their very first day!
The First Day of School

Robert Deimel

February 2020

A rat and a bat were out chasing a gnat
Which was flying so fast in pursuit of a cat.
They were all on their way to their first day of school
To learn letters and numbers and The Golden Rule.

And then came Penelope Sylvie von Swirl
Who's a pinkish and purple rhinoceros girl.
She was running past Roger, the rat, and the bat;
Every one of whom thought they'd catch up with the cat.

And suddenly there came Count Frederick McCoy,
Who's a silly but smart hippopotamus boy.
He ran fast to catch up with Penelope Swirl,
Who's the pinkish and purple rhinoceros girl.

"How great it will be," said the Count to the cat,
"When we get to the schoolhouse with Roger the rat.
Because then we will learn about letters and rhymes
And we'll all have the gayest most wonderful times."

"It's great to be learning and playing with friends,"
Said the cat to the rat as they ran 'round the bends
Of the trail and the pathways that led to their school
Where they'd learn about numbers and The Golden Rule.

"How lucky we are," and they all did agree
"To be learning and playing and dancing with glee;
Because learning will make us so smart we will know
Why the pussycats purr and the howling winds blow."

"We'll learn about porcupines, parrots and whales
And we'll laugh as we see wagging puppy dogs' tails;
We will learn about stars that shine bright in the sky
And we'll catch lighted fireflies -- at least we can try."

"The whole world is waiting for us to grow up
When we'll learn to be serious, and to shut up.
But for now, in the meantime, we'll play as we learn
And we'll dance and we'll sing and we'll not be too stern."

"We're glad," they all said, as they sat on a stool
In their very first class on their first day of school.
"We can learn and make friends and pray that God above
Will now help us to share and to learn how to love!"
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