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Do not go out in the dark. Screams!!! 2/22/2020.
Into The Night

I had my hand on the door latch when my father called me back. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Just out... Nowhere special." Damn it, why hadn't I been a bit quicker getting out there. Now I found myself being ushered into the kitchen, where I was going to have to answer to not only my Dad, but to my Mom as well. She'd be far harder to convince.

"You know we said no going out after dark." This was my Dad's way of telling my Mom what I had been about to do.

"But why? You can't keep me inside forever." I tried to bite back the anger, which was still directed more at myself than at them. I knew what was coming, but I'd still wait for it to be said.

"But, Jessie, think of all the murders." Whenever the topic came up, my Mom would be close to tears. Tonight was no exception. "That killer... that madman is still out there somewhere."

"What makes you think he'll be around here. I mean the last killing was way across the other side of town. For all we know, he could be in another state by now and will never be caught. Are you going to keep me in until then!"

I could tell from my mother's face that I had hurt her, but it was driving me crazy. There was nothing in my life apart from school and home, and I was getting sick of being confined. Besides, I had important matters to attend to, out there in the night.

"Do you want your mother to have to identify your dead body?" Wow, I'd not expected that, so clearly my Dad was angry too. Mom had taken her cue from him and was sitting with her head in her hands.

"Don't be stupid. Of course I don't. But can't I at least take a walk to the end of the block and back."

Dad turned towards the window. "Look outside. What do you see?"

"Darkness, okay. But it's night time. What else would you expect?"

"No going out after dark, Jessie, and that's final."

I don't waste my time arguing but whirl around and, without saying a word, head back up the stairs to my room. They might think that they'd won and it would be best if they did; the fact is that this is far from the case. I am going out into the night, I just won't be using the door.

I laid flat on my bed for a while, staring up at the ceiling. The drapes were pulled back and the moon rose high enough for its light to shine through my window. I shuddered where the moonbeams touched my skin. It was time.

I pushed myself up from the bed and took a few steps over to the window. I know that I can open it silently, for I have practised often enough. With the window open wide, it is just a matter of lifting myself onto the ledge, lowering myself while gripping with my fingers and then dropping. Nothing to it!

Well, that's what I'd told myself, but the drop was a bit further than I'd thought and the jolt made its way from my ankles to my knees and right up to my jaws, making me bite my tongue, literally. I wiped the blood onto my hand, and began to feel the now familiar tingles.

I crouched low, and keeping to the shadows, I ran. I needed to get some distance between myself and the house. The last thing I wanted was for Mom or Dad to catch sight of me now that the change had begun.

The streets were mercifully quiet. I was not the only one that was being placed under a curfew. Almost everyone under the age of eighteen had been kept inside for weeks; both male and female, for the killer showed no preference when it attacked and sucked them dry of blood.

I can feel my muscles stretching, strengthening. My body is changing shape; my face is sharper, leaner, and my teeth have grown into fangs. I flex my fingers, watch as my nails grow and become pointed until they resemble claws. They're sharp; believe me, I know that they can tear through flesh deep enough to kill.

I can see you all thinking, putting two and two together and coming up with five. I might be more than capable of it but I am not the killer. My presence might be attracting him, for it was him that turned me after all. But I refused to join him, would not become a part of his killing spree, and that angered him. Anyone that looked remotely like me became a target, and he won't stop the slaughter, not while I'm still out here, alive, and capable of standing against him.

My resistance changed his mind about letting others survive, for they too might turn against him rather than meekly do his bidding. Instead, he goes for exsanguination; he gorges himself and drinks them entirely dry of blood, knowing that that is the only way to deny me my own influence over them. That's fine by me. I much prefer to hunt alone.

And that's what I'm going to do, for as long as it takes me to find him. He's out here somewhere, in the night, and I am going to track him, trace him, hunt him down. And then I'll attack with all I've got.

There can only be one of us left at the end of the struggle. It really is as simple as that. Vampire on vampire, it's going to be one bloody mess that will leave just one victor - him, or me.

(961 words)

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