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How brands have occupied the mentality of people.

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Cultural Imperialism

A stupendous American way of eating and dressing enters the globe like a tsunami and tornado that shake countries and nations by encircling them in the form of McDonald, Coca- Cola, Blue Jeans and other franchises. This is an astonishing expansion of American culture through soft power that creates a great fuss among consumers across the globe and eventually local products and foods are diminished and less preferred, which further overshadow the vernacular tastes and choices. The iconic representation and identity of these franchises or brands lure the audience globally.

For instance, Macdonald, does not only provide delicious hamburger, or Mac burger, but also provides a safe place for women who, sit and enjoy the burger and place without any fear, particularly Asian woman. Moreover, people love to celebrate family events and birthdays. Children are pleased to see the play land that attracts them to visit the MacDonald. It shows that how tactfully American culture is expanded and promoted. Surprisingly, MacDonald has won the hearts of its rivalries of cold war. In 1990s, Macdonald gets its entry into Russia and China where it attracts hundreds and thousands of consumers. It reflects that business has nothing to do with the difference of ideologies, rather American food inject itself into the veins of rivalries without any resistance. That is the beauty of American cultural imperialism.

Moreover, the iconic identity of Coca-Cola is equally expanding throughout the globe, outside the United States. How ordinary syrup of Pemberton gets so much fame and prestige that it is so much embedded to American way of life. A slight change in Coca-Cola's appearance or color hurts the American sentiment. An intimacy is developed that public doesn't want to change the color. White color receives public condemnation and rejection and soon the original color is retained, that pacifies the American sentiment. So, globalizing this brand is equivalent to globalizing American sentiment, values or culture. Hence, consumers around the world enjoy this giant drink. It has become the mandatory part of each and every meal. Consequently, a meal seems insipid without Coca-Cola.

Likewise, the overwhelming influence of Blue Jeans is welcomed by every class. The original connotation or reference of Blue Jeans refer to working class only, but the appearance of blue jeans in Hollywood movies, wearing them by actors give it a new name and recognition that it gets globalized and reaches every corner of the world. Eventually, people start wearing Blue Jeans for comfort and convenience. This is how gradually and slowly the American culture engulfs the vernacular minds and clad them in its own dress by superseding the local products and foods. Hence, local taste of dressing erodes and globalized American way of dressing and eating becomes the code.

So, American psyche of expanding its culture is very diplomatic, unlike the use of sword or any coercive force, it uses sweet and delicious weapons in the form of MacDonald, Coca-Cola, Blue Jeans and many more. America wins the hearts of consumers and occupies the taste buds and bodily wears. A new ray of culture slips into the minds of consumers worldwide that they can not hinder the expansion of American culture.

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