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by noreen
Rated: E · Essay · Opinion · #2213786
how human expansion and occupation of land is contracting the world.

Ecological Imperialism

Evolving existence of human beings from early settlements in caves and dungeons to palaces and mansions reflect the human desire and yearning to expand its existence by stretching its walls and fences through firm hold on land. Nations and civilizations grow and sow their seeds for their germination in order to anchor their roots. Consequently, a robust tree is formed with multiplicity of branches disseminating out, which further divide and enhance the size. Likewise, nations are scattering over different lands in order to expand and enhance their existence by conquering land through aggression or peace. The contemporary world is obsessed with ecological imperialism; the land is being divided and distributed among nations, countries, regions, communities, families and individuals. Unsurprisingly, the concept of land as a scared entity is gone, rather land is a property, because survival of human on one land and without distributing and expanding it, the survival becomes as the survival of the un fittest.

Hence, conquering land and expanding the human existence is the demand and need of time and space. The pluralistic and diverse existence accepts the ecological imperialism in the form of immigration, which is overwhelmingly taking place in today's world for cultural harmony and multiplicity of identities. Immigration plays the role of binding force that creates a world of different colors without diluting the identities. For instance, United States accepts immigrants, from across the world and a Muslim remains Muslim and an Indian remains Indian or a Bengali remains Bengali. His or her identity is not shattered or distorted. The freedom to choose and create is in the hands of individuals. They can create the weather of their own without diluting their own colors which are distinct and beautiful in their own way.

Moreover, Canada accepts immigrants in order to provide the international citizens an opportunity to explore the new land, which is welcoming all the nationalities to invest and harvest the land through diverse ethnicities and racial groups. The land of Canada is possessed through peace and acceptance, unlike war or aggression. Consequently, the land becomes a breeding ground for racial diversity and pluralism. Hence, a cosmopolitan society is established, that is unlike the dogmatic society. So, the United States and Canada are expanding or distributing their territories or lands through an influx of immigrants from across the globe.

In addition, many other aspects of ecological imperialism is seen and practiced at regions and local dimensions in the form of distributing the lands among parents and children. The land of grandparents is divided and sub divided into many pieces unlike the old concept of land as one and unified concept, but it is broken and each part is measured in millions and trillions. Surprisingly, the expansion and distribution of land has made the price and worth of land more expensive. Eventually, the future turns gloomy and somber, because the continuing ecological imperialism shrinks the land with exceeding population and rapid growth of people. The land of mansions, palaces and villas turn to the land of caves and dungeons. The outburst of human population and expansion ends with chaos and declination of nation and civilizations. Hence, there is the collision of man and land. Finally, world collapses and ends, where empires rest in peace in the claustrophobic realms.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2213786-Ecological-imperialism