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A young woman gets herself stuck in a humiliating position while looking for her dog.
Twenty-five year old Daniella Jackson had been looking for her dog Bella for more than half an hour and was becoming concerned about her when she suddenly heard a bark coming from near Bella's dog house and went over to investigate.

The young woman was 5'9,145 pounds,had short curly blond hair and green eyes covered by glasses.
Her large breasts and thin stomach were covered by a dark blue t-shirt with a denim jacket over the top of it.
Her curvaceous hips and bubble butt were covered by a short black pleated skirt with black tights.

"Bella,are you in there," said Daniella as her dog still didn't appear.
"Come on girl,please come out,I have to go out soon," said the young blond but still her dog didn't come out.
She then decided to enter the dog house despite her concerns about possibly getting stuck due to it's square entrance being rather small and her curvy figure but decided to try anyway.

She then stuck her head inside the dog house and after a brief struggle,her entire top half was soon inside,leaving only her hips,behind and legs sticking out.
Daniella still couldn't find her dog before hearing a bark coming from behind her and realised that Bella had just been behind the dog house and said, "I'm glad you're ok,I'll be out in minute," as she then tried to back out but was shocked to discover that she couldn't.

"Maybe this wasn't my smartest idea," said the young woman as she placed her hands against the dog house and pushed and pushed with all her might but still it refused to release it's grip on her.
"Come on Daniella,please don't be stuck," she said as she then tried to push and wiggle herself free again,even putting her left foot against the dog house for more leverage but still she just refused to budge and was completely and utterly stuck.

"Oh,it's no use," said the young blond as she admitted to her dog, "Bella,you're not going to believe this but I think I'm stuck," as the dog placed her left paw over her face in disbelief at her owner's predicament before grabbing onto the seat of her skirt and began pulling.
"Good girl,pull mummy out," said Daniella as she was then horrified to hear a RIP sound as she realised that Bella had pulled off the seat of her skirt and the back of her tights,exposing her bubble butt were covered by Batman panties.

"Thanks for your help,girl," said the young woman as her dog ran off to get help while she thought about calling her best friend Clara but remembered that her phone was on her kitchen table and realised that she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Bella soon found Clara,a thin brunette and tried to get her to follow her but she didn't understand what the dog wanted despite having her dress pulled in the direction of her best friend's house.

Despite another 15 minutes of pushing and wiggling,Daniella hadn't moved a single inch as she realised that her love of biscuits and cakes had come back to haunt her before beginning to laugh at the ridiculousness of her current situation.

Clara had taken Bella to see her and Daniella's best friends Sophia and Jake to see if they could figure out what she wanted as the frustrated dog ran back to her owner,being closely followed by the three confused adults.

Bella ran inside through her dog door while Clara used the front door key that her best friend had given to let the trio inside as they were at first shocked then burst into laughter when they saw the young blond's barely-covered behind sticking out of the dog house as Sophia joked, "I didn't know you were a Barman fan,Daniella."

The humiliated Daniella then had a chain formed behind her as Clara pulled her best friend's hips,Jake pulled Clara's waist while Sophia pulled Jake's t-shirt.
"All right guys,pull," said the young brunette as the three pulled,heaved and tugged with all their strength on the poor young woman who said, "OW,I think I'm going to be pulled in half," as Bella grabbed onto Clara's dress as her owner was streched to her limit by the epic tug of war until finally,a POP sound was heard.

Daniella was pulled from the dog house at last,sending her and her friends tumbling backwards into a heap on the carpet as her dog looked on.
"Thank goodness for that," Daniella said as she hugged everyone including Bella,who licked her face before thanking them for freeing her as she then remembered that her underwear was showing and quickly used her denim jacket to cover up the hole in her skirt and tights as everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.

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