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Greed has no bounds, not even to family
Is it wrong to be sour?
She said it's for my cousins.
I understand that much.
To give to your family
Is to show that you love them.

An act of giving -
I never knew people could be so greedy.
These boxes piled high,
Bigger than this closet of mine.
I think it's weird.

Aren’t gifts small and simple?
Like a banquet of flowers,
Or a toy that's little?

Not a stack of iPad pros -
And oh, how I had begged for those.
Not a phone with a sparkly case -
It had been mine in the first place.

Why were these boxes filled so high
With things I could never
Imagine to buy?
Where had the money come from?
Where was it
When I had books to buy?

When I spoke up she told me I was being selfish.
Selfish for what?
Oh, I get it.
Yes, of course.

Because I’m already better off.
Because I’m already so fortunate.
Because I’m living the life they dream of.
Because I’m in a place of fortune.

But you too had moved for a better life.
What’s the point in acting?
We aren’t rich; we’re lacking.
Stop throwing our savings into the gutter.
If you keep doing that how will it get better?

Is this selfish?
To want more?
To wish for better?

I don’t want to stand in the shadows
And watch you give away goodies
Bought with the money you promised
Would go to my studies.

Think, why don’t you?
What this is doing to us in the long run.
We’re hanging by a thread
And here you are, scouting for fun.

Laugh all you want but just wait and see
Just how selfish and greedy
I can be.
Go ahead, hate me. I’d long stopped liking you anyway.
This smile and whisper of love?
A ghost of who was there.

I’ll show you, just you wait.
Or just let time guide you
To your burning stake.
You’re digging a hole that 6 feet deep
And I’ll be carving into a stone
As we speak.

To give to your family
Is to show that you love them.
But should I really do that?
I’ve seen your greed.
It's insatiable. Devouring all that it gets.
Clammy hands grasping
For whatever that is left.
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