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by Shamus
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He had always admired the way she walked!
Without a doubt, she oozed sex in the way she walked.
I usually watched her when she walked past my house. Her legs were long and her body was slim with big breasts that jigged about under a tight sweater when she walked. From where I stood in the bay window I stared at her as she took her usual stroll.
It was no good, I had to loosen my cock from the confines of my shorts and decided on that hot June day to go naked. I stood with cock stiff and upright and waited for her to walk past. Sure enough, there she was! With my hands on hips,
I willed her to stop and look in my direction.
My luck was out and she didn't stop or look at me. Instead, I got an open-mouthed and shocked looking woman selling poppies turn and run out of the drive!
The police were very polite but forcefully informed me that to go naked was best kept behind curtained windows.
As retaliation against such petty complaints, I now go naked at every opportunity and enjoy seeing the neighbours lean out of their windows to try and spot me walking naked in the back garden!
I always ask myself the same question time after time - what harm can it do to my fellow man or woman if I were to walk naked along the street?
I was sorely tested one hot summer's day last year when laying out on my gravity-defying chair and as usual not wearing anything, I heard the front doorbell. As I was expecting a letter from my solicitor I dashed through the house and opened the front door. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to put on my shorts. It wasn't the postman! It was the woman who had been selling poppies and had run out of the drive! I'll give her ten out of ten for not dramatically reacting to my state of nudity. She blushed and complimented me on my tan! She also leaned forward and gently took hold of my cock.
"What a beautiful penis you have my dear! It's almost as big as my dear old Percy's. Who sadly is no longer with us!"
Still fondling my, now rising cock, she explained that she had wanted to see me naked again after running out of the drive previously.
I quickly invited her into the house mainly to avoid causing disruption to the many women walking past.
As we walked through to the garden she began to explain that she had missed her 'Percy' who had died last year and was her constant companion and comforter!
"You see, you reminded me of him. You are slim yet muscled and you have the most divine cock and balls I have seen for some time."
By this time we had reached the lawn where I had a table and chairs.
"Do you mind if I joined you in your nakedness ?"
With that, she rapidly began to remove her clothes and only slightly hesitated before removing a silky pair of drawers.
"My God that's good!"
Stretching her arms above her head she openly reached for the sky.
"I love it when I'm free of clothes, conformity and can forget the stringent rules of society! Percy and I used to have sex at any time of the day and in any convenient place. In fact, if you like the shape of my body, we could have a sex session here and now!
Like her shape? I was in a full and erect state. My penis was straining and ready for action!
We clashed together like sex-starved teenagers and boy was she ready for it!
With her legs wide apart I was able to quickly slide my cock into a wet and eager vagina.
We had a frantic fuck and with no holds barred we tried every position known to man or woman.
After an exhausting hour later, we both collapsed on the rumpled blanket ready for a long cool drink.
"May I be so bold as to ask you your name?"
We both laughed at this and she told me her name was Fiona.
Needless to say, we met regularly and every time we had mad passionate sex.
At the peak of every orgasm she had, my name was 'Percy'
She was always ready for a chat whilst being naked and never hesitated in reaching across to fondle my penis.
"Do you know that I'm in love with your wonderful cock and I could easily cut it off and take it home with me".
"If you don't mind I'm rather attached to it and need it for peeing out of".
"Actually, I have a niece who is in need of a good cock! She has been badly let down by a mixed-up boyfriend and I think that a good fuck would do her the world of good. Next time I'll bring her with me and you can see for yourself just how sad a case she is!"

Sure enough, after a couple of days had passed and I was fast asleep on my lawn mattress when I was woken by a hand grasping my flaccid penis. It was a naked Fiona and behind her was a naked girl. The youngster was a beauty to behold. Long blonde hair over an elfin style face. Her body was slim with pert breasts and big nipples. Her hips helped to accentuate her hourglass figure and best of all her vagina was smooth looking with no hair. In fact, it was all too much for a hot male like me and I quickly began to have an erect and throbbing penis! How I hadn't heard them opening the side gate and even undressing in the garden was beyond me.

"There you are! I told you just how big it was and what he could do with it! I'm sure you won't mind if my niece Debra has a quick feel of this wonderful shaft?"
All I could do was watch these two naked females play with my stiff and upright cock. Which, by now was beginning to be ready to eject a load of sperm. I warned them that I was about to cum! Without any hesitation, Fiona immediately bent down and took me in her mouth. It was a fantastic release and bless the girl, she took it all and swallowed it with a smile on her face.

Naturally enough Fiona's Neice was a willing and able participant in a delightful and strenuous wrestle of three naked bodies trying to have sexual pleasure. It was while we were thrashing about that I noticed we had company in the form of my pal Richard who was calling on the off chance we could go for a swim at the local lido. He apologised for breaking up our little orgy and then asked if he could join us! Reaching up Fiona pulled him down to enable her to rip off his shorts and release his erect cock. It wasn't long before he had his cock in Debra's tight anus and with her sliding up and down his shaft he was in seventh heaven!

Several days later Richard said that he had never had sex like that before. He added that he was looking forward to the next time I had the two women as naked guests.

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