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by Nate
Rated: E · Short Story · Nature · #2214063
A short story in the form of thoughts of rain as he carries out the commands of the Lord.
The wrath of the tranquil rain
Day 1: God sent me down upon the people of Noah's time he asked me to keep pouring down until everyone was submerged and Noah's boat floated. I acted as a tool for God to punish the people for the sins. As much as I wish to be among my parents in the sky, the will of my God overpowers my wishes and thus I'll follow his commands. I've spent most of my life helping humans by watering their crops and filling up their lakes and oceans and whatever I could do for them, that's what my parents asked me to do. It was shocking to hear his command to submerge the earth with a flood. Either way, he told me to keep going down and I've started to so.

Day 10: It's been 9 days since God asked me to carry out his bidding, I feel sorrow and despair as I hear them scream for mercy and help. I don't understand why the rest of the animals must be submerged as well.... Nor do I understood why the humans have to be killed in this manner, it feels as if I've been asked to commit murder and take all the blame for it. Noah's ark seems to be rising but it is not afloat so I suppose I must continue my task.

Day 20: It's been 19 days since God asked me to carry out his bidding, there is more silence now that all the humans have been submerged as punishment for their sins. My peaceful blue ran red with the blood of the wretched sinners. But there were so many, so many that it made me wonder... were all of them really wretched? Is this the fate of the rest of humanity? What had they done to deserve the almighty's wrath... to deserve my wrath?

Day 40: It's the last day since the ark is now afloat, it's been 39 days since the Lord asked me to bring down his divine justice. What have I done? Is this my purpose? Will I ever be the same and how can I atone for murders I have committed? The site of Noah and his family calms me as it shows that there a few who were saved and not punished for their wretchedness. All this must pass, as I aid the future humans as a way to atone for what I have done to their brethren. I must remember that I am just a tool in the hand of the one above, what right do I have to question his will? What right do I have?

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