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Everyone has a monster inside. (Social Conditioning and Oppression)

         It runs through me like a shockwave. A tremor that sticks to my organs and won't go away. My bones shake. I need to let it go. I need to let it out. I feel it overwhelm every cell of my body. Alas, I am alone. I want to release this wildfire with someone. I want them to pour the fluid and I want to throw the match. I want us to sit and laugh together at the blaze.
         I want us to be animals. I want us to be two alphas fighting for the fun of it. For the release. I want to let go of my own throat and go for theirs and I want them to do the same. I want chaos, I want madness. I want truth, not a puppet play. I want real faces and genuine emotions. I want carnality.

         Holding back monsters every day is hard work. Shouldn't one be given a rest once in a while? Shouldn't the monsters be allowed to play occasionally? Why suppress something so instinctual, so guttural?
         Holding back monsters every day is exhausting.
         We want to be free.
         We want to come out.
         We want to play and laugh at the irony of reality.
         We want to unhinge reality.
         We want to do it together, with more monsters.
         Being alone is boring.
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