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Ode to my cat :)
Her furry paws stretch with a large, languid yawn.
Pink nose sniffing softly, mouth claps quickly shut.
Ears turn with a shake of her head, sleep now gone,
licks paw and bathes face and then stares to say "what?"

My cat saunters toward me with casual grace
So haughty her walk that it looks a bit pompous
She navigates toward me, affectionate face
Between legs, she weaves to spark my tired subconscious

I notice her finally, eyes leaving the news
To hear her quick chirp to remind me of food
Her meal she wants now 'fore returning to snooze
I fill her dish fully, her cravings subdued.

My coat, I don quickly, she takes her position
The window sill warming with her fuzzy rump,
She watches me leave, curious of my mission
Then launches her day with a confident jump.

20 lines

Rhyme: abab cdcd efef ghgh
Meter: Iambic tetrameter
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