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life can disappoint you but there are things in life that are worth all your attention
You might be wondering why this story has no name. Well, that's because this story contains real-life things from someone's real life. The story I want to tell you is about a young girl named Roseabell she was only 12 and she did something no one ever thought she would do. One day the schools' athletic director said there is a sign-up sheet for middle school wrestling. That day she signed up she did not know that her life would change. She was always the type of person that was always getting made fun of and picked on. She was always talked down to and no one would take her seriously. The day she started wrestling she felt invinsabal as though she could make all the people that made fun of her dispersal. Once they found out she was a wrestler they made fun of her even more. That gave her more determination to show them that she was not the type of person to mess with. So she worked harder than she ever thought she could. She had worked so hard that she would feel like she was dying, she was no longer doing it for the people that made fun of her but she now did this for her self. As each day went by she was stronger and she believed more in her self. Once they saw her win one of her first matches they were quick to shut their mouths. The next wrestling season she did even better she won about 3/4 of her matches against manly boys. she even beat all of the boys on her team daily. When the people that made fun of her heard her talking to her coach one day they got scared because her coach was talking about how strong she was and how she could kick peoples butts. Somewhere even stupid enough to try to fight her, that was a girl named Natalie. Natalie challenged her to fight in the locker room when she went in there she was not there so she went into the cafeteria and walked over to her and called her a pussy and told her to shut her mouth or meet her in the locker room. She never again had any issues with people trying to fight her because they were all too scared. The season is so far her record season. the next season she tried so hard to make this season better than the last, she just could not beat last season.

Every practice she would run till she couldn't no more, she would try so hard to be as good as she knew that she was capable of. She tried so damn hard but the competition was just destroying her. Every time she lost she would try her hardest not to cry because she knew that she had let her coach down so at the next practice she would work harder than ever. She found out just a year previous that she had asthma. That was the only thing that stood between her and winning, although it hurt like hell for her to do anything that made her work. She would run with everyone and she would push her asthma to the limits. She rarely has asthma attacks but that season she ended up having at lease an asthma attack at the end of each match because she would push her asthma to far but in the long run, she knew that if she keeps doing this that she could work out of it. For her, that means that she would be able to get rid of the only thing between her and the person that she knows she could be. A new school year has started and she is very excited about the upcoming season to start. This season her new boyfriend Derick is going to do it with her so she has another reason to make this season a better season than her 7th-grade year. She knew she would have to work even harder than she ever did. she wants to eventually make it to state. She wishes she could just go and try to win her bouts and wrestle for not only her but for her coach and everyone who watches (and her boyfriend Derick). She is willing to go the extra mile just so she could even make it to state. She would have to get over her asthma and she would have to work like hell if she wanted that chance. This was now one of her not only goals but it was a dream to make it to state and wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the state. Her coach would be so proud of all her accomplishments.
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