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Perfect summer hideout in woods by the lake where love begins.
in a summer cavern
of lush hardwood
we summit a solemn dream --
harsh reminders on our skin
after the river bank swum.
steps hewn by our fathers
creak beneath bare, wet feet --
invisibly ink our imprints.
we climb in ease with
my cooler, your clutch,
crisp with vagrant sand.
your suit clings, drips a trail.
our ascension only begun, as we

step into the woods

to our favorite picnic spot --
dine on egg salad, vanilla wafers
with just enough soda pop.
on a blanket we scheme
to glimpse pulsing stars,
hum like serenades
in dark grass for intruders.
toeing noisy beams down,
hand-in-hand to the riverbank
we go lustfully laughing.
we dip warm in night's clothes.
the sly moon creeps close,
silhouettes our scene.

free verse
27 lines
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