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Contest entry. Bard’s Hall Contest
Contest rules:
Yes, that's right! We want you to write your "best" 1-Star-Rating worthy poetry!

Must slam that beastly little arrow-flinger, CUPID!

Must be Poetry Only, any form or free verse -- doesn't matter so long as it's just plain AWFUL!

Line Count up to 60 or fewer. Place line count at the bottom of the poem.

This poetry entry MUST be written for this contest, February 2020! If it's a leftover slam from another time and place it will be disqualified.


You shot your dart
Into my heart
And left a gaping hole.

Your aim was keen,
And you should preen!
It shook my very soul.

Though love is blind,
‘Twas less than kind.
You matched me with a troll!

In whose blackened breast
Was a viper’s nest
Midst all the darkness of Sheol.

Next time you shoot
Please be astute.
And use some self-control.

Love’s done me wrong,
Just like the song.
It took an awful toll.

You are a pain
Whose wretched reign
Sincerely is quite droll!

Cherubic rat!
You wing-ed bat!
My happiness you stole!

Shove your quill!
I’ve had my fill
You demonic little mole!

28 lines
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