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aka Izzy. My naked little pup

Isreal, it seemed was doomed right from the beginning. Through the family grapevine, we heard someone related to us by marriage had a dog who had given birth to puppies. This particular Cousin had a reputation for not being very nice and for treating his dogs like, well, less than dogs. One particular Sunday, after church, I suggested to my husband that we should pay a visit to this cousin and just check to see how he was doing. I did not admit to my husband that I wanted a peek at the puppies who were at the age they would be toddling around.

We pulled into his muddy driveway and sure enough, about ten little fat puppies came scurrying about. The Cousin came outside and greeted us and my husband struck up a conversation with him. Most of the pups seemed to be doing fine. The Mama dog, as usual, was chained to a tree not far from her doghouse. I noticed one of the pups, a white one was just laying off to the side not really moving much. As the man and my husband chatted, the pups were nipping, tumbling and playing around our feet. Every once in a while, if one got to close to the Cousin, he would push it away with his foot.

I sat down on the ground and started playing with the pups. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the little while one not walking but crawling on its belly slowly making its way to me. It was a hard struggle, and the poor pup had to stop and rest a few times before finally making it to me. It seemed to use the very last bit of its strength to put its little head on my foot. I was about to reach down and pet it when the Cousin reached down and roughly shoved the pup away from me. He said, "Oh that one is sickly and needs to just be put down, you don't wanna mess with it."

While the man had been talking, the pup once again squirmed it's way to me and put its little head on my foot. Before the man could do anything, I picked the pup up and held him to me. The little puppy literally clung to me with what I am sure was all its little might. Oh, boy, did this little boy stink! He was a mass of fleas, ticks, cracked infected skin, his eyes were crusted shut, and his breath stunk like an infection. I stood up with the pup and told my husband it was time to go. I looked at the Cousin and flat out told him I was taking the puppy.

He tried to get me to take one of the other pups, but I had the one I wanted. Upon arriving home, my husband helped me prepare a nice bath for the pup. We treated him for fleas, made sure all the ticks were off, we doctored up his oozing sores. My husband was certain the poor boy had mange, which explained why he had no fur...just bare skin. I got him antibiotics from the doctor and we spoon-fed baby food. Little by little my boy was getting stronger. A week after we brought him home, he was toddling around the house.

He had just started getting his fur back when my husband and his brothers were given a paint mixing machine to scrap. They decided to tinker with it on the front lawn...and got oil-based paint all over the place. They didn't give any thought to the fact our dogs were out playing in said yard. I came out into the yard only to find my sweet little boy...who is white with black spots was now Rainbow colored! He had yellow, red, purple, green, and orange streaks ALL over him from head to toe! Since it was oil-based{, it had to naturally just wear off. So for several weeks, I had a Rainbow puppy.

Today, Isreal is a happy, healthy dog. He is 87 pounds and thinks he is a lap dog. He is part Dalmation and part Pit Bull. He adores other animals, loves children and will whimper and howl if he hears a baby cry. He LOVES ice cream and cookies.
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