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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2214289
A love story with no words and no thoughts. I kinda like how it turned out... :)
Beth sat down in the back row of the lecture hall, her customary place and, today, its only occupant. She tapped her pen against her earring as she removed her laptop to take notes.

Professor Smith began his first lecture of the semester the same way most of the professors did—listing their rules and expectations for his students over the next three months. A few minutes after the lecture began, Beth already beginning to nod off to the soporific monotone of Professor Smith’s first-day overview, she heard the door across the room creak open. As her eyes rose questioningly to the source of the sound, they found a beautiful brunette slinking into the room and taking a seat in the back row, perhaps a dozen seats away.

The girl slid into the cushioned seat, pulling a tablet from her backpack. As she set it on her slender, denim-clad leg, she noticed Beth looking her way and flashed her a quick, brilliant smile. Beth felt her heart flutter with its dazzling impact as she snapped her eyes forward, once more, to the banal lecture.

After a few moments, Beth felt her eyes drawn once more to the latecomer, surreptitiously drifting her sidelong gaze over the slim, elegant lines of the girl’s body. She worked out—that much was certain. As the girl flicked a cobalt glance toward her, Beth turned her eyes forward once more.

Beth began to twirl a long, blonde lock of her hair as her eyes were drawn once more to the side. The other girl turned her head at the same time, and azure eyes met hazel-green in an electric connection. Beth’s hands trembled. Her lips quivered. The other girl’s fingers rose to fiddle with an earring as a blush rose on her cheeks.

The brunette’s eyes dropped to the floor, long, mascara-laden eyelashes lowering nearly to her reddening cheeks. Beth’s gaze never left her this time, and when the girl’s eyes rose once more, they locked onto her own as if by a magnetic force.

Beth felt her finger press against her lips as she continued to hold the other girl’s gaze. She felt a smile forming. It slowly, inexorably pulled the corners of her mouth upward.

The other girl’s smile returned, hesitant this time, but just as gorgeous. Beth’s smile, Cheshire now, provoked a slight widening of the blue-eyed girl’s irises. The brunette’s embarrassment began to fade and she licked her lower lip, not in a blatant display, just a quick, fleeting moistening. Still, it planted a satisfied warmth in the pit of Beth’s stomach.

When class ended, Beth hopped up from her seat strode along the empty row and handed the girl a slip of paper on her way out. As she opened the lecture hall door, she glanced over her shoulder. The girl had her phone in one hand and the paper with Beth’s phone number in the other, thumb wiggling over the touchscreen.

A moment later, Beth heard the telltale ding of a text on her phone.

Her eyes twinkled with delight.

509 words
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2214289-Love-at-First-Class