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by 5sther
Rated: E · Short Story · Detective · #2214441
Xertahan is dead! Or so they thought...
Xythryn looked out the window, staring out at the Martian landscape, and wondered to herself. ‘Why did he have to die?’ She was thinking of her twin, Xertahn, who had died in the Battle of Venus. Or at least she thought…

Xertahan was in a lot of pain. I mean getting blown apart by a DNA destroyer bomb is one thing, but being put back together was another. Not only did he lose his legs, but also an arm and his left eye. The bionics doctors were really nice but man, he was cold. They were keeping him in a freezer until the “parts” came. Whatever they were. Oh, how he missed Xythryn…

‘If only I were the one that died.’ Xythryn thought. The door suddenly opened and her mother, Zestrayael, came in. “Hello, daughter. How are you?” “I’m fine, Mother.” “Just wanted to make sure. Your father has something to show you.” Just then her father, Zelius, came in. “Xythryn, the new QWSM Watch came out today! I bought two for 50 biotechs! It’s amazing! Wait… What’s wrong?” He finally realized that his daughter was staring out the window with a sad look on her face. “She misses Xertahan.” “Ah... Twins can feel each other’s pain. Can you feel him?” “He’s dead, Dad.” “Ah, but he might not be.” “True, but how could he be? We all saw the death statement.” Then Xythryn broke down crying. “We should leave her,” Zestrayael whispered to her husband. The pair left her to grieve in peace.

The “parts” had come and the bionics surgeon was about to give Xertahan bionic legs, a bionic arm, and a bionic eye. They said he wouldn’t feel a thing, then they injected him with a ton of new, strong pain medication. Right before he passed out he used his telepathic bond to his twin to say, “I am alive.”

“I am alive.” Those were the words that were stuck in Xythryn’s head. Her twin was alive! She wanted to run down the streets of Edom shouting this good news but felt like she should keep it to herself, for the time being. Xertahan was alive!!!

Xertahan was awake. The doctors said that his new bionic body parts were working and that he was free to wander his suite. They also said he had to come to the gym for training exercises every day for an hour. He really wanted to see Xythryn. He had asked the doctors when he could go home and see his twin, but they said they didn’t know when he could. They said he had to wait and get used to his new legs, arm, and eye. “Xertahan?” It was Xythryn! “Yeah, I’m here.” “You’re really alive?” “Yeah, just with bionic legs, an arm, and an eye.” “Really? When will I see you again?” “I don’t know. I’ll try to find out where I am and then you could send me that new QWSM Watch? Then we could talk easier, and Mom and Dad could see that I’m alive!” “That’s a great idea! I’ll ask Dad. If I can get the watch, I mean.” “Great. I’ll try to figure out where I am.”

After figuring out where he was, Xertahan telepathically sent them to Xythryn. Then Xythryn sent him the watch. Mission accomplished!

“Should we show them?” “Yes. I think they’re ready.” The twins were about to show their parents that Xertahan was really alive. “Ready, set, go.” Xertahan pressed the com button.

“Hello? Who is this?” Zeluis asked into his watch. “Dad?” “Xertahan?!? You’re alive???” “Yeah. Do you want to see me?” “Yes!” “Okay, I’ll be right there.” Xertahan pressed the holocom button. “Hi, Dad.” Xertahan’s hologram appeared in front of Zelius. “Zestrayael, Xythryn! Come here!” Zelius yelled excitedly. “What is it dear?” Zestrayael asked her husband. “Xertahan is alive!” “He is??” asked Zestrayael. “His hologram is standing in front of us. And it’s his voice!” “Xertahan!” Zestrayael cried happily. Her son was alive!!

After a long conversation with his parents, Xertahan went to the gym to exercise his bionic legs and arm. Then he asked the doctors if he could go to live with his parents. They said he could if he came back one day every week to let them check to see if his bionic parts were working. He left the next day.

The whole city of Edom gathered at the octopod dock to see their long lost hero come home. When Xertahan stepped out of the octopod everyone gasped, his legs were shiny aluminum looking and so was his right arm! He was alive!

That night at the party… “Xertahan, this bionics stuff changed our lives! You’re alive!!”
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