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For a friend fighting addiction.

         I glided through the luminosity like a wisp. The only thing I had was my mind. I had no eyes. I saw nothing, which was a good thing, as the light would blind me.
         I was calm. Serene. Yet, I was playing a game of hot or cold. When I moved in a certain direction, I could feel myself growing.
         I kept moving towards the source of my growth. From a wisp I became a gust of wind. From a wind a hurricane. I was strong. Mighty. Unstoppable!
         But then I got my eyes back. And everything was blinding. It was painful. I had a head now too, it hurt from the light. What does a hurricane matter if you're in splitting pain? I had to go back.
         I moved away. I moved back to wind. Then to a gust. A wisp. Then I was just me and the light was pleasant.
         I opened my eyes wider and realized I never truly wanted to be a hurricane. I just wanted to be me.

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