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by Norman
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The snow was soft and new that day
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Or so the saying goes
But you can do yourself some harm
As everybody knows

The snow was soft and new that day
A perfect time to ski
A lesson would take time away
Hey, how hard could it be?

I thought that I’d give it a shot
I said, “What could go wrong?”
Then everything just went to hell
It didn’t take too long

There was a diamond on the sign
But that didn’t stop me, no
I thought if it was dangerous
It would have told me so

I don’t know just what happened next
My mind is still a mess
My head is scrambled up inside
I’m lost, I must confess

I hit a tree, of that I’m sure
I still can feel the blow
Yeah, I was moving much too fast
That tree was moving slow

Of course that tree stood in my way
And didn’t move at all
Then I collided at full speed
Like hitting a brick wall

When I came to, I looked around
Not sure of where I was
In fact it was much worse than that
My head was filled with fuzz

They say that I was doing well
I was a mogul king
‘Til I took air and hit that tree
I made that hard wood ring!

My skis went flying off my boots
I couldn’t find my hat
One pole was almost bent in half
I’d need to replace that

The next time I will not be rash
I’ll take the bunny slope
That’s if I ever ski again
Well, one can only hope

But maybe I should just give up
Yeah, maybe call it quits
‘Cause if I hit another tree
I’ll lose more of my wits

Sure, skiing can be lots of fun
But maybe not for me
Hang gliding may be my new sport
Hey, how hard could that be?
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