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A white dove in a golden hour
Morning… 5.30 a.m

Alarm ringing….

He opened his eyes and got the mobile phone which rings the alarm. He shuts the alarm and gets down from bed.

He getting ready for the daily routine of jogging to beach which is near to his home. Leave the home and started his jog on the road. He reaches to beach and stretches his body. He stare at the sunrise which makes the sea as liquid gold. He is fond of capturing the moments and likes photography too. His Pinterest and Instagram accounts are filled with photography tips only. He also posted some of his captures in the social media and its also get some likes. He wants to capture this moment in the golden hour. The cold breeze on his face and feels something new on this sunrise. He sit back on the beach side bench and waving his eyes on the jogging path. He find some beautiful views on that beach sides.

Some of the small boys are practicing roller skating. Doing karate practices from other sides. Rich old uncle and aunties are walking to reduce their rich sugar levels. Some old people throw food for the doves and the group of dove eating the food spread on the beach floor. He took his phone and want to capture the view on that golden hour. In that group one of the dove get the food and fly from the place. He watching that dove flying and reaches one of the sea view apartment window. He feels something on that dove, so he doesn’t move his camera eyes from the dove. That is mother dove which feeds her child. After mother feeds, he flown again to get the food.

At the fluttering time of the wings of dove, he sees another dove from the window inside the house. She is such a beauty in which he lost in that moment.The cold breeze from the sea shore reaches the window and makes some new style to her curly hairs. It spread all-over her shoulder and covers some of her face. She shakes her head and adjust her hair which like aligning a modern art to the classical. The golden rays from the sunshine reflects on her white dress which is like nature adjusting lighting for her pose. Her golden face enhances from the lighting with glittering nose stud. Her eye balls playing many games with my heart which makes any one to wrote the poem and its makes me too.

" Its the golden morning time
makes to wrote a rhyme
On seeing your beauty of art
with the high beats of my heart"

Phone Ringing…

He came to reality and it’s the reminder to start to office. When he saw the window again, it shuts and both dove flown away. It’s like some magic moment, which makes him smile a bit. But he can’t forget the magic happened. Starts to home by jogging...

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