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True story about a big choice that was made.
“Well we aren’t moving all the way across the country without you. If you don’t come, we won’t go.”

I was 20- young, still learning life and had my first full-time job at a non-profit agency in Orange, CA. I had only been doing my own laundry for a year before I was asked to move across the country. Away from everything I’ve known and everyone I’ve known. Moving across the country seemed like a big choice…even if it was with my family.

The plan was that since my older brother was stationed in North Carolina for the Army, we would all move to Michigan; me, my parents and my other older brother. Michigan already had some family roots with my dad’s side so it wasn’t like we didn’t know ANYBODY. My parents have been talking about moving to Michigan for as long as I could remember and things in their neighborhood, the neighborhood I grew up in, was just getting worse.

I’ve always been one to make spontaneous decisions and at the time in my life, the way things were going made it easy to say yes. I was in love with someone who ended up ghosting me because I decided to live 2 hours away with my Aunt and she didn’t like this person. I was lonely so I went back with an ex and that ended badly. The relationship was full of lies and my “friends” at the time sided with my ex who was now in a new relationship with one of those “friends.” I felt alone. Starting somewhere new and far away from all the pain and disloyalty sounded like an excellent idea.

I was with my brother in his truck while my mom and her friend were in her car and dad was in his camper. If Dad didn’t have a horse-shoe kidney and a gas guzzling camper that required frequent stops, I still think we could’ve gotten there at least 2 days sooner!
Driving through all of the different states and taking in the sights was fun until we started to see all the same things. I was bored on the drive while texting new relationship prospects just to keep me entertained. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I was driving hundreds of miles away from them.

Finally, we saw something different- SNOW! We had no snow stuff. We all immediately realized this as soon as we were driving and it began to get worse. Mom called all of us on our cell phones to tell us we were getting off at the next exit to go to Walmart. I think when we left Walmart we looked just as one can imagine someone would look from California preparing for snow. FYI No one wears snow boots that look like moon boots in Michigan unless you want to be made fun of.

It was October when we arrived. This spontaneous decision was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done but it was also the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never met more authentic people, seen more authentic scenery and experienced such happiness. I was married 8 months later and I have 2 beautiful little girls. Yes, 8 months. I wasn’t the nicest when I first met my spouse. I was convinced I was going to be alone and people are all liars and cheaters…I’ve been married 13 years and my spouse is proving me wrong every day.

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