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Rated: E · Poetry · Relationship · #2214676
I’m still waiting for an answer
A magnetic pull
Rips me from my lull
Forced me to move closer
Yet the knowledge of what is between us looms
Keep me trapped
Unable to move forward
No way to turn back

You have sunk your claws into me
Making me yours
But my hold on you is loose and slipping
You can choose to stay trapped with me
Or run free

You race ahead,
With the key of my cage in your hands
You motion me to follow
I slam my body against the bars
Trying to show you I would
But then you come back to me
again and again
You taunt then come back
With promises of maybe
Leaving me each time

I sit each time waiting with smiles
As you tear a bit of me each time
Soon there will be nothing left to grab
Nobody in the cage to see
And all that will remain is the remnant of me
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