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My aims for this week which may or may not become achieved due to hyperesis of thoughts.
This week:

1. Do a chapter of Hacked - find out if the publisher cares for anything about it or if he's even alive.

2. Write blogs several times a day just because (and not because I'm a big egotist I'm really so fucking isolated there's not a soul to talk to about how I feel, see?)

3. Do my diligence with Thirty One.

4. Try to walk the dogs sometime.

5. Get to a decent hour of beddy bye.

6. Find a new outfit from the closet to wear to my job which is mainly my home based job.

7. Spend money that I have earned from one ebay sale - Thought is to pay for some gee gaw somewhere but not cigs possibly.

8. Blog/chat with Colin

9. Cook something like: scones or, pancakes or, bread, or, tortillas

10. Go on FB at least twice a day.

11. Try not to think too much about Twitter but Tweetums there want me to say something

12. Try not to take sad and bad thoughts too seriously

13. Try to think of the police as friendly.

14. Think of what to do about the tax bill.

15. Think what else to knit or crochet
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