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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2214736
A fanmade Mario & Luigi adventure to honor the fallen, bankrupt company Alphadream.
Mario & Luigi: Magic Malady AKA( M & L: RPG 6), is a fanmade game in novel format that allows readers to experience a Mario & Luigi game without needing to play it as the game ‘plays’ as you read through the story.

Main Cast of characters:
-Princess Peach
-Princess Daisy
-various Toads that populate the majority of the Mushroom Kingdom

-King Bowser Koopa (turns good in the middle)
-Bowser Jr.(turns good in the middle)
-Kamek(reluctantly turns good)
-Bowser’s Troops (allies halfway)
-Phantasneo, The Dark Mage
- Phantom Five

-Countless Yoshis that thrive on Yoshi’s Island.
-DK and Diddy Kong
-Various NPCs of different species

-Mario Bros. Residence ( Hub)
-Toad Town Square
-Peach's Castle (Main),(Garden),(Vault)
-Mushway Meadow
-Birdo's Nest
-Mt. Cragglore (Left Base)
-Mushmall Center
- Lushflow Forest
-Toad's Arcade
-Sewer underneath the mall
-Topmeow Tower

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